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    • Misti's height is 5'3"(1.60m.) Her parents are actress, Kiersten Warren, and screenwriter, Jonathan Lemkin.

      Misti was a competitive figure skater.

      She has two dogs: a Maltese named Bailey Jane and an orange sable Pomeranian named Snacks.

      She speaks French.

      She is the grand-daughter of once-upon-a-time Southern Baptist missionaries.

      Once for school credit, Misti and one of her friends started an online literary magazine called "The Pretentious Dilettante." It was composed mostly of satirical essays that exploit friction between high and low culture, ranging in issues from the pretensions of the former to the deficiency of the latter and much else in between. "Pretentious Dilettante" delved in comical fashion into the inanity of celebrity and played with the idea of how its cult infiltrates even the most serious minded.

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