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Mitch Hewer

Mitch Hewer


7/1/1989, Bristol, England, UK

Birth Name

Mitchell Scott Hewer


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Mitch Hewer studies at South West Academy of Dramatic Arts. His first televised acting role is the role of Maxxie on the E4 drama "Skins".


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    • Mitch:(On his character in "Skins") I'm just one of the guys, one of the mates, one of the lads, really. He's gay and gets on with life as normal. Hangs around with Chris, Anwar and the girls, really. He's a bit mischievous, a mysterious character, like gets up to things and yeah, he's just a good character

    • Mitch:(On how he felt playing a gay character) It wasn't an issue. It was no issue to me at all. I'm just an actor, playing a role, and for Max to be gay, it's not an issue at all. To be honest, there's more exciting things in Skins than just one of the characters being gay. There's no storyline to Maxxie being gay, cos it's just not an issue. Good.

    • Mitch:(On if he feels pressure playing a gay character on "Skins") No, no, I didn't. No way. I personally feel nowadays for kids of my age, they're more accepting to gays, so no, I don't feel like that.

    • Mitch:(About people's reaction to "Skins") Umm, well all my friends were absolutely amazed. They thought the show was great, they loved every single visual character, they thought they were all different in a way, absoltuely amazing. They loved the show and can't wait for the next episode!

    • Mitch:(On if "Skins" is realistic) I think that it is. As you can tell, it expanded a bit, things are out of proportion over the top, kind of. It's not a documentary about life in general. At the end of the day it is a TV show, to entertain people, and I think it's good

    • Mitch:(About filming racy scenes on "Skins") It's alright really. The cast and the crew are really professional, get on with their jobs. We're all friends as well - normally there's one person you really like in a group, but everyone gets on with everyone. [But] filming that stuff is a bit nervewracking. No matter if I was a gay character or a straight character. If I was doing it with a girl it would be a bit 'oh, shit'. First time you're a bit worried, you know what I mean?

    • Mitch:(About publicity for "Skins") I was excited a bit, but then I was nervous at the same time, because I was worried. There's a new television series, new things get criticised. I was worried in that respect, but I was also really excited.

  • Mitch Hewer is so talented.

    I think Mitch Hewer is amazing and gorgeous and is an excellent actor. When he played Maxxie (the gay one) in Skins you just realised how good an actor he is and then he went to Britannia High which is totally different to Skins and it showed you how much of a versatile actor he is.

    I think his dancing is amazing and his voice is really good and at some point in his career he should go to the west end in a musical; something like Fame would suit him right down to the bone. I think he'll have a lot more acting jobs in his career; well I hope so anyway.moreless