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  • Sexxxxy Mitch.

    Mitch Longley is sexxxy, gorgeous and likeable. He is one of the few 'port charlesans' including the casts of both "port charles" and "general hospital" to have ever made it to prime time. He was an absolute doll on Another World. Fantastic in every way during his three year Port Charles stint. Mitch really knew how to perform in a love scene. He was gentle, tender, sweet, and sexy. But he moved on then, to prime time and "Judging Amy". Mitch's humor showed through, particularly with Tyne Daly the Great. His few times on "Joan of Arcadia" weren't nearly as good as his previous roles, though that is much to be blamed on the writing of the show. Looks wise Mitch would do better to remain clean shaven. Mitch's longest prime time role on Las Vegas is exciting story-wise, working surveillance in a top casino, solving mysteries filled with action and adventure. He isn't given a whole lot of material though, but Mitch's greatest episode of LV came in the finale season three. In fact it was one of Mitch's greatest television moments in all his career. His short scenes at a bachelor party with CopGirl stripper in his lap, and a very sexxxy bed scene with three girls, brilliant and inspired. Mitch was never more delightful! Mitch is a fun spirited actor. His scenes on "port charles" are a good example. Telling bad jokes and playing a pipe at holiday outings, reciting Merry Christmas in different languages, dressing as a vampire at halloween, performing as a sit down comic. He took his taste for comedy with him to prime time, and performed well opposite Tyne Daly, with a bit of political humor thrown in. But never has a laugh been heard out of Mitch Longley such as the hearty one he offered at the bachelor party on "Las Vegas". Not to mention the look on his face 'the morning after' with the three beautiful strippers in the bed. Mitch Longley deserves many many more fun-loving scenes, and many more love/sex scenes. He excels in both.