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  • Primary character in Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode 11 "Normal" First Aired: 12/17/2008. Played the Road Warrior. Brilliant performance

    Mitch Pileggi is Norman Miller, a shell of a man, going through the motions of every day life. We learn his youngest daughter was killed while he was changing a tire. His wife and two remaining daughters blame him. Driving the freeway, he is cut off, by a woman driver, talking on her ear phone. When he tries to talk to her she tells him off. She reminds him of his wife. He goes after her and shoots, at her car, with a shotgun. His portrayal of the Road Warrior is very convincing. We can see the underlining issues he is facing.
  • Give this man a show

    I love Mitch Pileggi's work in anything
    It is too bad that dumb tv networks
    As well as executives don't take much notice
    And if they don't, he will be relegalated
    To supporting roles
    Wonder why he couldn't be able to carry
    The lead in a show because he would be
    Very good at it
    Loved him as the FBI Assistant Director
    Didn't like at first but then it takes awhile
    For a character to grow I suppose!