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  • Mitzi was amazing in Silk Stalkings!

    And now on Rules of Engagement! A great addition to an already great cast! Seh was great in everything she ever did...hope this is a recurring role for her. Would like to see more of her on this great show! Her character of Rita Lance was a perfect partner and a perfect Sam to Rob Estes. They both rocked! Rules of Engagment...we want moreto see more of her as Audrey's boss! Only someone like her could make such a small role seem so big! And hopefully they will listen to what the people want!
  • Mitzi Kapture influence major change in televison and media person of a female lead. Without her and silk stalking that showed a women could live and compete and come out on top was history in the making.

    Silk stalkings incuraged many good things that changed about television and the media into what it is today. Mitzi Kapture is a big part of what led the way to, what television is today. Mitzi and Rob characters where so compatable you can tell even on the first show no matter where you catch it at. She was a orpahn that was adopted as a small child and knew of her past and still delt with on a daily basis. Kapture characters have always had issues and where always knew what they where capable of accompilishments. I think that without show like silk stalking we would still be watch boring televison and would have never have stoped watch I love lucy reruns. But Mulder and Scully and Brennon and Booth need to pay tribuate to them as well. Without Kapture and Estes, who know where would be at in our history of televison.
  • One of my favorite "Sams" from Silk Stalkings.

    Wow what an amazing charector actor, she was wonderful and the best person to play on Silk Stalkings. I loved the chemistry between her and her parnter, who it was so cute the way they call each other Sam, what a pet name. She helped with Rob to make the show, it was never as great as when she and Rob where together. She really brought out her charector. I thought it was so awesome when the writers finally used the chemistry and her and Rob took there partner ship to another level on TV anyway. While I might note have watched her in too many other shows or series, just what I saw in Silk Stalkings she will aways be a favorite of mine.