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  • Mitzi Kapture influence major change in televison and media person of a female lead. Without her and silk stalking that showed a women could live and compete and come out on top was history in the making.

    Silk stalkings incuraged many good things that changed about television and the media into what it is today. Mitzi Kapture is a big part of what led the way to, what television is today. Mitzi and Rob characters where so compatable you can tell even on the first show no matter where you catch it at. She was a orpahn that was adopted as a small child and knew of her past and still delt with on a daily basis. Kapture characters have always had issues and where always knew what they where capable of accompilishments. I think that without show like silk stalking we would still be watch boring televison and would have never have stoped watch I love lucy reruns. But Mulder and Scully and Brennon and Booth need to pay tribuate to them as well. Without Kapture and Estes, who know where would be at in our history of televison.