Mitzi McCall

Mitzi McCall


9/9/1932, Pittsburg, PA

Birth Name

Mitzi J. Steiner



Also Known As

Mitzi McAll, Mitzi McCall and Charley Brill, Mitzie McCall, Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill, McCall & Brill, Mitzi McCall Brill
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Mitzi was born on September 9th, 1932 in Pittsburg, PA. She started her career in show business at the age of 16 in 1948. She has been on a lot of shows and some movies as either an actress or a voice actress. Mitzi is a very talented…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Mitzi and her husband, Bill, appeared on the "Toast of the Town" show (a.k.a. The Ed Sullivan Show) on the same night The Beatles made their U.S. televised debut on Feb. 9th, 1964.

    • She has a daughter named Jennifer Brill who is also an actress.

    • Mitzi is the sister-in-law of actor Marty Brill who had several small parts in shows from the 1960's to the 1980's.

    • She is the godmother to Melissa Gilbert.

    • Mitzi met her husband, Charlie Brill, when they both appeared at the Jerry Lewis Comedy Workshop at Paramount Studios in 1959 and they married on January 25th, 1960.

  • Quotes

    • Mitzi: (Talking about the fateful Ed Sullivan Show episode in which they were on the same show as The Beatles when they made their U.S. debut) We were on the Ed Sullivan Show, the same night the Beatles performed. Sadly, the crowd was so caught up with them, we were unnoticed. Although I (and especially Charlie) are upset with the poor timing, we still have great careers and wouldn't trade them for anything.