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  • Pure Genious

    Underrated puts it mildly. I don't understand how Mo Collins is not a household name by now. I actually saw her in a dramatic film before catching her on MadTV. I became a fan upon seeing her work on MadTV, which I started watching in reruns on Comedy Central. The characters she originated there (at least I think they were created for the show) were as funny and well-crafted as any I've seen on tv. Doreen Larkin (Stuart's Mom), Lorraine (staggering to know its her), Trina (I love, love, love!), and even Tammy Dupree. The physical transformations to these characters astounds me. Why she doesn't have a variety show or something that focuses on her abilities is a complete tragedy. MATT LEBLANC had his own sitcom for crying out loud! :-( At least Comedy Central could take her comic talents and run with them... Why no stand-up or recording of her one-woman show? Mo Collins is my generations Carol Burnette and should get the break she deserves - hopefully sooner than later.
  • Strong comedian

    Would someone please give Mo a role in a major feature film? She ranks up there with Catharine O'Hara as a versatile funnylady and serious actress.

    I think "Madtv" was just the tip of the iceberg for her and hope to see her move on to bigger and better things. Forget TV...go for the movies...and I hope you get to team up with Carol Burnett sometime!
  • One of the best.

    Mo Collins is definitely one of a kind. From Comedy to Improv to Drama, Collins is capable of it all. Her ability to both make you laugh and cry is both flawless and magical. Given the right material, and plenty of it, she can definitely go far! I highly recommend everyone take a look at her work. You won't be disappointed!
  • Mo Collins always gets my vote!

    I agree about Mo Collins being exceptionally talented and severely underrated. One never knows if a star is trying to stay low key or if they just aren't getting the right "breaks". Sometimes it might be a laid back manager? Just a guess. In any case, Mo ALWAYS cracks me up. She is SO versatile. She's also very attractive. She should have her own show by now!
  • I love her and everything she does. She is unbelievably talented!

    I think that Mo Collins has definately proved that she should have her own show! If it wasn't for her being on "Madtv" I never would have watched the show. I caught a sketch one night of "Lorraine Swanson" and the rest is history. I can't enough Mo.
    I caught her One-Woman show intitled "Mo vs Mo" which is about her personal struggle with being in a rut. I walked away in aww of this amazingly talented woman. She can do anything drama, comedy you name it. She brought the audience to tears and then to their feet.
    I think that she is underrated because her talents are not being shown to enough people. Mo needs to be shared with the world, definately a diamond in the rough!
    Thank you Mo Collins for being such a great actress and here is to great success! Cheers.