Mo Willems





5/24/1962 , Revere Italy

Birth Name

Franco Rossetti




Mo Willems first hit it big with his short animated film he made in college, The Man Who Yelled. This short, featuring him as the main star, followed him as he made the career of a man who screamed in public for a career. After he got out of college, he created a show on Cartoon Network called Sheep In The Big City. This show was about a sheep in a big city being chased by evil menaces, as he was the only sheep in the world with the genetic formulatics to power their death ray. The show premiered with a chorus of critic applauses, but the show never hit it big with the children, and was cancelled after a few seasons.

After Sheep's failure, Mo teamed up with his mysterious friend, Mr. Warburton, to work on another show on Cartoon Network, Codename: Kids Next Door, where Mo wrote the first four seasons. The show, although it opened to so-so critic reviews, hit it big with the children audience, and is still shown today on Cartoon Network.

Who knows what Mo will do next? Nobody!