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  • Out of his two shows, I love one and hate the other.

    Mo Willems's past is shrouded in mystery...I'm sure if we asked him, he'd tell us, but until then, all that we know is that he came from Italy and moved here, made the famous short The Man Who Yelled, then jumped on the Cartoon Network bandwagon.

    His mystery adds to my respect for him.

    Now, to his credit, Mo Willems works on two shows on Cartoon Network. They are Sheep in the Big City and CodeName: Kids Next Door.

    Sheep was clever. The humor was funny and all, but it got cancelled real quick, despite raving applause from critics.

    Kids, however, is one show I dislike. Although it is mildly entertaining, the plot is hideous. "Kids save the world from adults." Not my favorite. No. And whenever it tries to be funny, it fails. Unlike Sheep, that was funny all the time, using an interesting brand of humor no one had ever seen before.

    And, about that other review, Mo may not have created KND, but he is one of the writers and one of the biggest authoroties on it, until he apparently quit (thank bob).

    So that's what I think of good ol' Mo. One show stunk, the other rocked. But, I have to give Mo credit. Even when Mo gets handed a deadbeat plot like that of Kids, he turns it into something mildly entertaining. Maybe he should make a third show...this guy makes good stuff.