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  • He's one of the best writers and now he's leaving the Kids Next Door.

    I was shocked at him, leaving the show of Mr. Warburton's. Don't listen to The_Hams' review, this kid says that Mo Willems created this show, but he did not, he only created Sheep in the Big City and his own cartoon shorts. When Mr. Warburton emailed one of my friends from the KND forum, he said that Mo is leaving and Mo decided to work on something else. He's one of the best writers and creators in this cartoon world. His show, Sheep in the Big City is one of his kooky, funny cartoons of all time. The ranting swede, the oxy-moron, the General, what else did he work on? He's very talented.

    My final comment,

    I like his work. I guess he could make his second show.