Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse


1/1/1994, Issaquah, WA

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Isaac Brock, Eric Judy, Jeremiah Green


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Issaquah, WA, indie rock trio Modest Mouse was formed in 1993 by vocalist/guitarist Isaac Brock, bassist Eric Judy, and drummer Jeremiah Green. After honing their muscular sound in "The Shed" -- a makeshift practice space built by Brock on the land

next to his mother's…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • They bring honest poetic talent back to music.

    With radio and television stations just swarming with rather unintelligent and commonplace pop songs, the band Modest Mouse really brings a bit of honesty and poetic talent back into the music industry. While their unique and playful style of music is sort of in a class of it's own, it's not hard to catch yourself singing along to almost every word that is written. They're a band you can sense really ask themselves the deep and important questions of life. Why are we here? What is the meaning? It's a quality that is rather hard to find in the music industry now a days. Their quirky yet universal lyrics really show you that this band is not just some guitar solo or a catchy tune. They are poets and philosophers who are sharing their life's views and truths along with you. It's definately a powerful thing to feel from just.. listening.moreless
  • One of my favorite indie bands.

    Modest Mouse is probabley the best indie band out there. This is all just opinion by the way. If you havn't heard any thing of them yet, i suggest buying the album we were dead before the ship even snak or good news for people who love bd news and the moon and antartica those are all classic albums. This bands music makes apperances everywhere like on the oc, the movie accepted and many more. I also feel that this band is slighlty underrated , if you like arcade fire or franz ferdinand or any other graet indie abnds. Be sure to check these guys out you wont be dissapointed.moreless