Moises Arias

Moises Arias


4/12/1994, New York City, New York

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Moises Arias


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Moises is an upcoming actor, who had a recurring role on the TV series Hannah Montana, playing the role of Rico. When season 2 started for Hannah Montana, he was credited for a star role. He made a guest appearance on the TV Series The Suite Life ofmore


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  • hey Moises whats up

    Moises your of the charts. You impress me in so many ways, your very talented and i think of you as my brother. My 10 year old brother Logan says he thinks your funny. I look up to when your on Hannah Montanna. My name is Ryan and i am 13 years old my birthday is on September 28 1994. When is your birthday? What sport do you like? I like basketball, football Surfing and skateboarding. Moises i want to wish you good luck in the Disney Channel Games. Who is your best friend in the Disney Channel Games see-yamoreless
  • 9.3
    Dude's got talent. (Rest assured, I'm a guy, this ain't no "hes so hott" review.) Arias is truthfully one of the more talented young actors I've seen out there. As a fellow actor (though undiscovered) the same age as he is, he's someone I personally measure myself against.

    On "Hannah Montana" I laud him and Jason Earles as the true studs. (Doesn't it seem like the leads on Disney Channel series' aren't usually the best actors? ...Or characters.)

    I very much look forward to seeing him in "The Perfect Game," as I want to see how he does in a fairly dramatic role. If he can nail that, he's got my vote for Child Actor of the Decade.moreless