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    This is a thread for one of my Moises fanfics.  Tell me what you think of it.  All are welcome to write comments or add to the story.


    Moises Arias as Diego Ramirez

    Maria Canals as Marisol Sandoval Ramirez

    John Leguizamo as Miguel Ramirez

    Belinda as Elena Ramirez

    Elijah Runcorn as Jared Healy

    AnnaSophia Robb as Victoria "Tori" Dewitt

    Cody Arens as Reese Cahill

    Synopsis:  The horrors of nationalist racial discrimination against Hispanics as seen through the eyes of 12-year-old Diego Ramirez (Moises Arias), who will stop at nothing to break the barrier.

    Capítulo 1.

    "Elena!  Will you get out of there already?!" shouted 12-year-old Diego Ramirez, knocking on the bathroom door.  "You can only put on so much makeup, missy!  ¡Adelantado, andele, andele!" (Come on, andele, andele!)

    After an eternity, it seemed, the bathroom door finally opened, and Diego's sister Elena came out and said, "¿El tipo, cuál es tu problema?  ¡Apenas tengo que parecer bueno!" (Dude, what's your problem?  I just have to look good!) as Diego rushed into the bathroom.  Elena muttered, "Whatever, idiot," and went downstairs.

    "Arriba, chicos y chicas," (Hurry up, kids) called their mother Marisol from the kitchen.  "Adelantado, chicos y chicas, you don't want to be late for school."

    "I really don't wanna go," complained Diego.  "I mean, I'm not cool there."

    "Ohh, mijo (honey)," said Marisol, "it doesn't matter what you look like or act like, you'll always be cool."

    "I don't feel cool, Mami," moaned Diego.  "We've only been here for not even 2 months, and it's been a week at school, and I don't know anyone there, and vice versa.  My homeroom teacher calls me 'Hispanic kid with Bugs Bunny teeth.'"

    "Mijo, I'm sure you'll make friends soon," said Marisol.

    "Actually, Mami, Diego's right," said Elena.  "I have the same problem at my school.  Nobody will even talk to me.  I think even the teachers have it out for me."

    "How would you know, mija (dear)?" said their father, Miguel.

    "They're white," said Diego and Elena.

    "Well, now, just because they're a different skin color doesn't mean they can't like you," said Marisol.

    "Mami, one kid gave me a swirly just because I spoke Spanish too much," said a dejected Diego.

    "¿Realmente?  ¿Eres aceptable, mijo? (Really?  Are you okay, honey?)" asked Marisol.

    "Si (yes), except I'm still trying to get the taste of toilet agua (water) out of my mouth," said Diego.

    "Well, you don't want to be late for school," said Miguel.  "Elena, will you drive Diego to school?"

    "Sure.  Andele, Diego, debemos apagado enseñar (Hurry, Diego, we're off to school)," said Elena as she and Diego left.


    At school, Diego was having another bad day.  No one would talk to him.  At lunch, he even dropped his tray, and stuff splattered everywhere.  Several kids pointed and laughed, and one kid (Cody Arens) shoved Diego's face into the mess.  Everyone laughed as they walked off to their tables, leaving Diego to shame.

    Just when Diego began to think his life was over, two kids (AnnaSophia Robb and Elijah Runcorn) sat on either side of him.

    "Oh," said Diego, sadly.  "So are you here to make fun of me because I'm different, laugh at me because I'm different, or shove my face in something gross because I'm different?"

    "Actually, we were gonna ask you if we could eat here with you," said the boy.

    "But won't people talk?" said Diego.

    "Ignore them," said the girl.  "They're just threatened by you."

    "Threatened by me?  Doubt it," moaned Diego.  "You see that kid who shoved my face in my lunch tray?  The other day, I spoke Spanish too much, and he gave me a swirly.  Everything I ate for the next 5 hours left a bad taste in my mouth."

    "That's Reese Cahill.  The worst bully in school," said the boy.  "Avoid him at all costs.  By the way, what's your name?"

    "Diego Ramirez."

    "Victoria Dewitt," said the girl.  "But please, call me Tori.  I don't answer to Vicky."

    "Why not?" asked Diego.

    "Because.  It rhymes with icky," said Tori.

    "And I'm Jared Healy," said the boy.  "Nice to meet you."

    "At least some people---yes, I mean you guys---think so," said Diego.  "Others may swirly me or shove my face in something sick."

    "Hey!  What do you think you're doin'?" shouted a voice behind the three kids.  They turned around and saw Reese Cahill.

    "Jared.  Tori," said Reese.

    "Reese," said Tori and Jared angrily.

    "Why are you making friends with this---this---freak?" demanded Reese.

    "Ever heard of branching out, hair-for-brains?" snapped Jared.

    "Oh, just for that, I'm gonna---" Reese started, but was interrupted by the nearby teacher, Mr. Gorodetsky (Phill Lewis).

    "Dogfight on aisle two?" he said.

    "Do you believe these two kids Tori and Jared are making friends with a Hispanic?" said Reese.

    "If they want to make friends with a Hispanic, then they want to make friends with a Hispanic, and who am I to interfere with that?" said Mr. Gorodetsky.

    "That's a cop-out!" barked Reese.

    "Yes, it is," said Mr. Gorodetsky, "now keep eating."  He left.

    "I've got my eyes on you, Diego Ramirez," said Reese warningfully, then walked off.

    "That settles it," said Diego.  "There's gotta be a way to break the racial barrier!"

    "How are you gonna do it?" asked Jared.

    "I'm not gonna do it alone," said Diego, "because I've got dos amigos (two friends)---well, un amigo y una amiga (1 male and 1 female friend) to help me."

    "But what can we do?" asked Tori.

    "No tengo ninguna idea," moaned Diego.

    "Say what?" asked Jared, puzzled.

    "I have no idea," said Diego.

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    I like it so far. R U gonna write more?
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    not sure...i might. he's already starring in a movie with Selena Gomez, Esai Morales, Cheech Marin, Louis Gossett Jr, and Jake T. Austin about a group of Latino boys who become the first non-American baseball team to win in the Little(?) Leagues.
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