Molly Burnett

Molly Burnett


4/23/1988, Littleton, Colorado

Birth Name

Molly Kathleen Burnett


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Born on April 23, 1988 Molly Burnett was raised in small town Littleton, Colorado on the outskirts of Denver. Her entire life growing up was revolved around acting as she took on many different roles in the Denver Community Theater. After graduating from high school Burnett moved to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Molly is a big fan of reading. Some of her favorite series are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and the Luxe novels.

    • Molly is a big fan of hip hop music. One of her favorite artists is Big Sean.

    • Molly's favorite subject in school was math.

    • Molly loves football and has appeared on several sports shows to discuss her thoughts and give her commentary.

    • Molly is known for her dancing and made a dance video with boyfriend and co-star Casey Deidrick, featuring many of her castmates because of a twitter bet with her brother when he challenged her to make a better dance video than he had. The song used was Young Jeezy's Put On.

    • Molly occasionally appears in E's Dirty Soap since former co-star Nadia Bjorlin and current co-star Galen Gering are series regulars.

    • Two of Molly's favorite places to eat in LA are Unami Burger and The Counter.

    • Molly has hosted ACME Saturday twice -- the first time in September 2010 with Mark Hapka, and the second in September of 2011 by herself.

    • Molly likes to stay in shape by piloxing.

    • Molly is a big football fan and even partakes in fantasy football along with her brother, Will.

    • She snowboards a bit, but admits that despite being from Colorado, she isn't very good at it.

    • Every year at Christmas, Molly's family plays "Hide the Pickle" before opening presents. This tradition involves her father hiding two pickle ornaments in the tree and she and her brother have to find them before opening their presents. She is always the first to find hers.

    • When she was a kid, Molly wanted to be a trapeze artist. One year, Santa even hung one up in her room.

    • The holiday movie Molly says she can watch over and over again is Christmas Vacation.

    • Molly appeared in the third-most number of episodes in 2010 on Days of Our Lives beaten only by co-stars James Scott (E.J.) and Alison Sweeney (Sami).

    • Molly's favorite Girl Guides cookie is peanut butter.

    • Molly has wanted to put a colorful streak of blue in her hair, but the producers of Days of Our Lives would not allow her to do so.

    • Although she has red hair now, Molly's natural hair color is actually dark brown.

    • Molly is Scottish.

    • Molly and boyfriend Casey Deidrick got roles on the webseries Empire through twitter. They were in New York and were tweeted about it by the producer. So many fans retweeted it that they thought, "Sure. We're not doing anything Sunday."

    • Molly is a huge candy fan, but gave it up for Lent in 2010, along with her boyfriend, Casey Deidrick, and many of her followers on twitter. She said she was dying inside, especially because fans kept sending her candy.

    • Molly was booed the first time she appeared at "Day of Days" (a big Days of Our Lives fan event). At first she was upset, but her co-star Darin Brooks (Max) reminded her that she's a jerk on the show, so that just means she's doing her job.

    • Molly dreams of one day going on Broadway and says she would love to play Molly Brown in The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

    • Molly stays in shape by doing cardio barre with co-star Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson).

    • Molly's musical talents can be heard on a season two episode of True Blood called Keep This Party Going where she played Amanda Jane, a member of a Christian Rock Band. She sang "Jesus Asked Me Out Today".

    • Molly made an un-creditied guest appearance in season four of Grey's Anatomy.

    • On March 2, 2009 Molly was one of the two younger actresses from Days of our Lives to be pre-nominated for a 2009 Daytime Emmy.

    • Molly graduated from high school with honors.

    • Molly was a proud member of her high school's speech and debate team, eventually competing and placing at the national level. When she was crowned homecoming princess she proved a beauty can also be a brain.

    • Some of Molly's favorite artists include James Taylor, Billie Frank and Ella. Her favorite movie is Almost Famous and favorite tv shows are Friends, Gossip Girl and Entourage.

    • Besides just performing in high school, Molly was also a leading attacker on her school's varsity lacrosse team and currently holds a black belt in karate.

    • In high school, Molly participated in the schools a cappella jazz ensemble and received the honor of being selected to perform in the Colorado All State Choir, All State Jazz Choir, and the National Honor Choir in Los Angeles.

    • Molly adores Bernadette Peters, looks up to Ellen DeGeneres,admires Matthew Perry and crushes on Robert Downey Jr. She is also a huge fan of Rachel McAdams. As well, she really looks up to co-stars Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton), Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain), Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady), LeeAnn Hunley (Anna DiMera) and Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning).

    • Molly is a huge fan of Martha Stewart and when not working she enjoys scrapbooking and decorating.

    • Molly has one younger brother named Will.

    • Molly attended Wagner College on Staten Island in New York City for a year. She majored in Political Science and Spanish.

  • Quotes

    • Molly Burnett: I'm gonna have to say no to the pajama jeans...

    • Molly Burnett: If I wasn't acting, what would I be doing? Oh, I don't know... I pretty much just want to be acting. But maybe something with politics, because I'm super at that. Probably. Obviously: political major.

    • Molly: My poor grandma. In her nursing home, they watch DAYS every day. I just absolutely spaced and forgot to call her and warn her not to watch [the day Melanie and Philip had sex]. So she saw it. She called my dad and was like, 'What was Molly doing on the television?' It was awful.

    • Molly Burnett: (giving advice to youth) We are the change that needs to be made. It's up to us- our generation- to change the world. Everyone has a voice, and it would be a shame to waste it.

    • Molly Burnett: (on fan experiences) I was at a furniture store with my mom and a woman came up to me and was like "You put Max in his place girl!" It took me a second to realize she was talking to me about Melanie!! It was great!!!

    • Molly Burnett: (about co-workers Bryan Dattilo and Darin Brooks) I'd say Bryan and Darin have the practical joker thing going on. Darin and I joke around and beat each other up; he's very much like my older brother.

    • Molly Burnett: (on her work schedule) I'd say we rock 9-12 hour days. Sometimes it's one episode a day, one time I had 4 to film in a day!

    • Molly Burnett: (on what's next for her character) Who knows what Melanie is going to do. Melanie doesn't know what she's going to do. All I can say is her life is going to be turned upside down soon (who thought it could get worse than her father being murdered!) Her heart doesn't really belong to anyone yet, she's young and playing the field ya know? But there's something about Nick…

    • Molly Burnett: (on playing a controversial character) I think the more controversial the role, the more fun the character is to play. Melanie has so many layers, and it's a treat to get to explore them and bring them to life.

    • Molly Burnett: (on being a role model) If you're putting yourself in the public eye, you have a responsibility to exude class and professionalism as well as take on a persona that hopefully fans can look up to.

  • Simply GORGEOUS

    Molly Burnett is gorgeous, yes, but even more important is her acting. Her range is extraordinary. Is there nothing she can't play? Love her!
  • Molly is fantastic!

    I know most people didn't like the character of Melanie when she first appeared on Days of Our Lives. To be honest, at first, I didn't either. But it didn't take me long at all to warm up to her. Before Melanie even got from France to Salem, she was already becoming one of my favorites. It's only been recently, though, that I've begun to fully take notice of her ability. Not only is she completely beautiful and adorable, but she's also a really good actress, in my opinion. I was lucky enough to meet her earlier this month and she was totally different from her character. She is a very nice person and really fun to chat with. Meeting her made me appreciate her even more on the show. She's so different from Melanie in so many ways, but yet I completely believe her as Mel when I watch. I also love the way she delivers some of her lines and how her character is so different around each person she interacts with. Can't wait to see more of Molly and see where her career takes her.

    Oh, and btw, if you ever get the chance to meet her, do it. She's really fun to hang with.moreless