Molly Hagan





8/3/1961 , Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Molly Joan Hagan




Molly Hagan was born on August 3, 1961, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shortly after her birth, her parents moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and raised Hagan. As she grew older, she began acting in 1985, and landed her first role in the 1985 Chuck Norris film Code of Silence. Throughout her career, she also made appearances in films such as Dallas: The Early Years and Some Kind of Wonderful. Her television appearances include a three year stint on the series Herman's Head and guest star appearances on the Golden Girls and Columbo. Over the years, she has found her niche doing guest appearances on television shows and playing quirky characters on children's shows. She has appeared in many Disney and Nickelodeon shows including spending three years on the show Unfabulous and playing in the Disney Channel Movie Princess Protection Program. Hagan has also appeared on Grey's Anatomy, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Seinfeld and the WB show Charmed.