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    • Molly Parker:(About L.A.) I've been coming down here for the last three years, on and off, and basically hating it. But I've changed my head space about it, and now it's all right. It's a complicated place. It's funny and weird and strange. The weird thing about being in L.A. is that for myself and all my friends, you're only here to work. Your focus becomes about that, and it's hard to do anything else social. Living anywhere else you have an ability to step away from it, which is really important. It's easy from outside to go, 'Oh it's the centre of evil.' It's the epicentre of consumerism. You can't just walk around and meet people. But I have a community of friends now, basically all Canadian actors, all from home - Callum Keith Rennie, Sandra Oh, Eric McCormack. We're all down here and we all want the same thing. So you can stop being sort of shameful about wanting it. I think in Canada you're sort of forced into feeling shameful about wanting to be successful. And here it's like, 'What's the big deal?' Just by coming here you make that admission, and then you can move on.