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  • Great actress.

    Glad she is still getting work.
  • Molly Price has the makings of a vepotential is untapped

    Molly Price seems to yet have the full potential of her talents be tapped.
    She's got undescribable talent and depth that you just don't see in actors anymore. In fact, she is so good that in some of the appearances and guest starring parts she does she loses herself so well within the character that she's almost unrecognizable. This is a rare and great quality for an actress, but in the real world of today, talent has very little to do with a successful career. Her ability to immerse herself so brilliantly inside the skins of her roles may hinder her celebrity, but hopefully it will make for a very long and prosperous career as an actress.
    In a way she reminds me of Tyne Daly. I don't find any physical resemblance, it's the unseen things that they bring out and display when they're performing that I find similar.
    I'd definitely like to see her working more, espcially with that kind of brilliance in the current world of non-acting celebrity actors.
  • Molloy is Awesome. Cant gat enough of her.

    Wow what an actress, She is emotional, Professtional and yet she is not miss goody two shoes.

    Continue the great work you do Molloy! I miss seeing you work with Vosco though. You two made a great team and i miss that dry humour you both used.

    A True Star
  • She is just cool.

    Molly Price is awesome, and I think that she was totaly cool in Third Watch, 'why did they cancel it?' I ask. Do you have the answer? Anyway, I don't know why I just think that she is a good actress, and she is unlike many of the people on tv these days like in the "telenovela" "apuesta por un amor" they are not that good, like the lady with two moles and the Cindy girl. I am not a Latino or Latina, I just know about this show Okay so I must cut this short because I don't really have much to say. bye. never mind, I suddenly got a second wind. Here it is, I think that on Thid Watch she often potrayed her self as a very strong woman and that is good because it is good for people to you know what I mean right? If not that is too bad cause once again I don't know where I'm going to, Go with this.
    Senorita. Adios. Dag.