Molly Quinn

Molly Quinn


10/8/1993, Texarkana, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Molly Caitlyn Quinn



Also Known As

Molly C. Quinn
  • Molly Quinn on Castle Season 5.
  • Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle on Castle.
  • Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn of Castle.
  • Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle of Castle.
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Molly Quinn was born in Texarkana, Texas. She started acting at a young age.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Molly is 5' 4" (1.63 m) tall. She has natural red hair and blue eyes.

    • Her athletic skills include snow skiing, marksmanship, rock climbing, equestrian, gymnastics, rollerblading, aerobics, and swimming.

    • Among the accents Molly can speak with are Asian, British, Cockney, Middle Eastern, Midwest, Russian, Southern, and Texan.

    • She underwent six months of training in green screen, teleprompting, film work, comedy, and sitcom before signing with the Osbrink Agency in Los Angeles and with Ellen Meyer Management.

    • Molly is a skilled dancer and knows how to dance ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap.

    • She is of Irish descent.

  • Quotes

    • Molly: I just love learning about the way people used to live their lives, and I think what also ties into that is psychology, because I like knowing why people do certain things.

    • Molly: The Coen Brothers, Peter Jackson, and Guillermo del Toro have really made something of themselves and impacted people. I'd love to work with them sometime, too.

    • Molly: I really want to do a dark character. Not really a bad guy, but someone dark and mysterious. Where everyone says, 'Ooh, it has to be her!' and at the end you find out it isn't. Just someone who looks guilty.

    • Molly: Who doesn't love Veronica Mars?

    • Molly: When I'm going out for a role or something, that's when I really get very territorial about things.

    • Molly: I get very competitive, mostly in acting though.

    • Molly: One thing about me is that I don't like being told I can't do something.

    • Molly: My karate skills are very limited. I'm a green belt.

    • Molly: Being on set is like being in college, for me, because I get to watch other people perform and I can learn from them if I listen and pay attention.

    • Molly: I really am enjoying my economics class, but I think my favorite course has to be history.

    • Molly: I loved doing Supergirl, but I would love to do Batgirl. I would absolutely love to do a live-action Batgirl!

    • Molly: I just love learning about the way people used to live their lives, and I think what also ties into that is psychology, because I like knowing why people do certain things.

    • Molly: When you get a role, you completely lose yourself in it. That's one of the great things about acting - letting yourself go.

    • Molly: I love, love, love fantasy, like 'Lord of the Rings' and things like that.

    • Molly: I did one pageant in sixth grade, and I loved it! I loved the dresses and the big hair.

    • Molly: Definitely in voice-over, you have to be completely uninhibited. More than that, you have to put yourself back into the enjoyment of pretending.

    • Molly: I love my dad; I'm a daddy's girl, all the way.

    • Molly: With voice-over, you have to pretend like you're three, except you can talk and read.

    • Molly: I think a lot of times when people play superheroes, they stick with this, 'I am a superhero,' but the truth is that we're all human, and that human quality is really important to bring.

  • Her brain is too scrambled for the show to be enjoyable

    I'll admit I'm a guy so I like some logic to my main characters. This is either written by a woman or a guy who is projecting the way he sees women thinking. She gets upset with others for her own mistakes and doesn't take responsibility for her own mistakes. Far too much of its all about me millennial thinking for me to enjoy.
  • Totally beautiful!

    I have a soft spot for redheads, Molly takes the cake!! I like her part in "Castle" but would enjoy watching her in pretty!