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  • Her brain is too scrambled for the show to be enjoyable

    I'll admit I'm a guy so I like some logic to my main characters. This is either written by a woman or a guy who is projecting the way he sees women thinking. She gets upset with others for her own mistakes and doesn't take responsibility for her own mistakes. Far too much of its all about me millennial thinking for me to enjoy.
  • Totally beautiful!

    I have a soft spot for redheads, Molly takes the cake!! I like her part in "Castle" but would enjoy watching her in pretty!
  • Molly Quinn is a delight!

    Molly Quinn is a wonderful to watch on tv, great to interact with online and just a doll! Molly is so classy, sweet, funny and kindhearted to her fans. I only have good things to say about Molly Quinn, she is a delight, I just love her! She is so giving and appreciative of all the people that support her!

    Molly will always be my cup of tea, I'll always be her fan! :)
  • A breath of fresh air...

    8.5 an often messed up crop of starlets.

    With only her role on "Castle" as an acting frame of reference I can say that Molly Quinn has been perfectly cast as the grown up daughter to the often infantile author, Richard Castle.

    "Alexis", as the adult in the "Castle" castle, seemingly manages her Peter Pan father and female equivalent grandmother with the aplomb of a seasoned child care veteran. These relationships have to be just as free and easy off-screen because it just flows way too nicely to be anything less. And that is not taking anything away from her acting at all because I think she is quite excellent, and just happens to also be blessed with a set of good friends and co-workers for her premiere series.

    We will all be watching for good things from Molly Quinn, and I'm betting we'll see them too.