Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald


2/18/1968, Roseville, California, USA

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Molly Kathleen Ringwald


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Molly Ringwald is an original Brat Pack member having starred in hit movies such as "The Breakfast Club", "Sixteen Candles", and "Pretty in Pink". Molly was born Roseville, California on February 18, 1968 to parents Robert Scott Ringwald, a blind jazz pianist, and Adele Edith. Molly also has…more


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    • Molly Ringwald: I have to accept the fact that these films have had a fantastic effect on people, and to deny that doesn't make any sense until I do something that has the same cultural and social impact of those movies. That's just the way it is.

    • Molly Ringwald: I think I was blessed to be given the opportunity to be in those [Brat Pack] movies. I think they're great movies, and I'm proud of my work in them. But on the other hand, to talk about something I did so long ago when I have continued to work and do other things is a little tiring. I just get bored. I keep going back to those movies when I don't have anything new to say about them.

    • Molly Ringwald: I just did in my early twenties what most did when they were teenagers, being free and exploring and making mistakes, but I did it in France. I did it privately.

    • Molly Ringwald: You never know when you read a script how it's going to turn out because so much depends on the collaboration between people. If I'd been in some of the movies I turned down, maybe they wouldn't have been a success.

    • Molly Ringwald: When I was a little kid I thought I would grow up to be black and sing jazz in nightclubs.

    • Molly Ringwald: I've been called the Women's Auxiliary of the Brat Pack.

    • Molly Ringwald: I don't really believe in regret. I think you can always learn from the past, but I wouldn't want a different life.

    • Molly Ringwald: People forget the feeling of having to go to school on Monday and take a test in physics that you don't understand at all.

  • Molly Ringwald has a nice personality but ultimate never made it big as an actress.

    I gotta say first that she is still a cutie, she still has the babyface looks that guys fell in love in the 80's. However, to be objective Ringwald's career is at best average if not mediocre.

    While I'am not going to be overly critical she is an example of luck and the fads of the time (the 80's) to start a girl's career. Her best work came as she was teenager starring in teenybopper movies like "Sixteen Candles", "For Keeps" and "The Breakfast Club". However, like many child, teen stars as soon that time period was over, so was her career.

    With the exception of Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy, Ringwald like the other Brat Pack stars never really accomplished anything huge. She had her fifteen minutes of fame then it was gone. She's done films since then but most of them are highly forgettable.

    I can't remember any of them being highly praised. It's a shame because she had potential and just seemed to be happy to get what she received. She was great in an episode of "Medium" playing a blind woman stalked by a man. However, that doesn't erase a long stale acting career. The more I look at these young actresses who could have been great, the more I realize that a couple are just satisfied with being average and making a lot of money.moreless
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    Molly Ringwald was a classic 1980s teen comedy actress. I was afraid that she was going to fall off the face of the Earth when "her time was up," but she's really done well for herself in this business. You really believe that she got into...
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    Ally Sheedy was a classic 1980s teen comedy actress. I was afraid that she was going to fall off the face of the Earth when "her time was up," but she's really done well for herself in this business. You really believe that she got into acting because she loves it for what it is. You'll never see her in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about her. In her roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than she. Of all of her roles in all of her movies, my favorite has to be "The Breakfast Club."moreless