Molly Stanton

Molly Stanton


3/13/1980, Berkeley, California

Birth Name

Molly Elizabeth Stanton


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Molly Stanton, born March 13, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, is best known for her role as Charity Standish on the soap opera Passions from the show's debut in 1999 until 2004 Molly attended UC Berkeley before she landed her role on Passions. She has appeared on television…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In her junior year of high school, joined the Brentwood Theater Company, where she wrote, directed and performed a true story about nine high school boys on a camping trip and their lives when four of them were killed by a drunk driver. The play was so successful that the troupe took it on summer tour to the Edinburgh Theater Festival in Scotland.

    • Her hobbies include playing the piano, the drums and guitar.

    • Choosing not to renew her contract, Molly left the daytime soap Passions in July of 2004.

  • Quotes

  • Ok....maybe not overused, but she really shouldn't be on tv at all.

    She may be a great person, but she is not very talented. There are not many actors that have shined while on Passions, but she was one that irritated me to no end when she was on. Not for the cheesy lines that she had to deliver, but for the way she delivered them. She was so whiny and breathy as she spoke that I just had to turn it off when she was on. I thought that perhaps it was just the way they wrote the character, but then she gets a show with the very talented Sara Gilbert, and I think Molly was part of the reason for the shows demise. She is not a physical comedienne and she just tried way to hard on that show. She was awkward and just annoying. I'm surprised anyone hired her after Passions, but then again, they probably thought she was just acting.moreless
  • Molly Stanton; beauty or actress? Is there any talent? In my opinion she'd be great for a toothpaste commercial but that's not really what she's up to these days. She has no talent! She can't pull of the simplest genres of acting.moreless

    Molly is definitely beautiful but can she act? That\'s another story. Her role in Passions; a young adult who was into all the zombie and spirit nonsense. She was pathetic and all she did was cry, run away, or create some big scene! At least look like you care. Or even show some true emotion. Now she\'s got herself a comedy but let\'s face it, she\'s not that funny. Her lines are funny but is she? Nope. Clearly Molly cannot act. What is it going to take for this girl to show some real passion for what she does? If the corniest os soap operas won\'t work and neither will a comedy then what will? Take her off the set, burn her contracts. Put her back on camera when she is ready to act.moreless