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  • She's a great Voice Actress. Probably one of the top ten greatest.

    Mona Marshall is a stunning voice actress. For not only has she done anime characters, she has also written an episode for an anime AND provived the voice of one of video game's favorite characters. She's done the voices of Izzy Izumi from Digimon, Young Bo-bobo and Lambada from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Inari and Young Haku from Naruto and many more. She wrote the "Choose me" in the show "Who's the boss?". And not to mention provided the voice for Musashi in the playstation one game, "Brave Fencer Musashi". She does a great job of provding voices for young boys,usally ones who are smart or usally ones who are smart or detached or somewhat phychatic.Her roles have included parts in not only Japanese anime,but also in American cartoons as well.
  • Very good Voice Actor.

    Mona Marshall is an American Voice actor. She is often cast in the role of a young boy,usally ones who are smart or usally ones who are smart or detached or somewhat phychatic.Her roles have included parts in not only Japanese anime,but also in American cartoons as well.
    Great voice actor and voice actor for many popular and non-popular shows through T.V. She is a great voice actor and a tomboy and she has made voices for many famous movies and also many video games too. a very famous voice actor and everything and she is also very talented and stuff.
  • Wow she is just like Tom Kenny and Tara Strong.

    She kinda looks like Steven Jay Blum I wonder if they were ever married and then divoresed I think so she is like Tom Kenny and Tara Strong only older than both and did voice acting before they did she was a great replacement for Mary Kay Birgman he was once a voice actor on South Park but shot herself she was her replacement and a good one so I give her a 10.0 out of 10.
  • i hear her voice on so many shows its amazing for this women i think she is very unique she isnt very known but on anime she is known for so many great roles

    i dont really have a favorite mona marshall character although its very strange she is on south park very strange for an anime regualer she is also on saturday morning cartoons man she must like voice acting im guesing i dont really understand her i give this strange person a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • I remember watching Digimon and hearing Izzy's voice. Now, I watch South Park and hear Mrs. Broflovski's voice.

    She's a great voice actor for all ages. Whether you love anime or normal cartoons, you'll hear her voice. On Digimon, she made Izzy sound like Izzy. On South Park, she was a great replacement to the late Mary Kay Bergman for Sheila Broflovski. When I saw Mona marshall's name on the South Park credits, I thought that there was another Mona, until I heard some more of the voices on South Park. Some of which sound exactly like Mona's past roles. She good at playing smart boys and domineering women. That's Mona Marshall for you. One of the reasons in favor of dubs.
  • When I first heard Mona Marshall voice as Izzy.I was liked "Oh my gosh she's good!" She has the greatest talents I 've ever seen on Digimon.She has voiced in many or an few anime that I had seen in my life.

    Mona Marshall had voiced in video games for example .hack//sign games and other animes liked Digimon,Wolf Rain,Kyo Kara Maoh! Sorry if I spelled that wrong.Doesn't anyone here thought that it was cool how she voiced as Lucemon.An bit mixture of evil Izzy in it.I say that was very cleaver.She made me laughed through some anime show that I hear.Whatever anime you watched.She might be there as an voice actor.
  • It seems you can't watch a cartoon/anime without hearing her once.

    I first heard Mona Marshal as Red Butler in Rainbow Brite back in the early 1990s, and was surprised to hear her again as Izzy in Digimon. Ever since then I've heard her in almost every show I watch or any game I play. She's an amazing voice actress and I don't know anyone who could possibly replace her.
  • She's absolutely amazing!

    I liked her before as Izzy and Terriermon from Digimon and then as Bull from Battle B-Daman. I also knew that she voiced other Digimon characters as well as characters on Jackie Chan Adventures. However, she really wowed me when she voiced Shaoron in Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie 2: The Sealed Card. She did an amazing job and to me is one of the all-time greatest.
  • Joshua Seth beter watch his back...Izzy is catching up to him!

    The only thing that really scared me about Mona Marshall is the fact that she lends her voice to just about EVERYTHING on TV right now! I remember the first time I heard her voice outside Digimon. I was watching Wolf's Rain with a friend of mine, and when we first heard Toboe's voice, that teenage boyish voice, our heads snapped up and we shouted "THAT'S IZZY!", of course, we did the same thing when we heard Hige's voice...except we said "THAT'S TAI!". And more recently I remember waking up early in the morning and watching "Battle B-Damon" for the first time, and (keep in mind, I'm 1/2 asleep), and I hear Bull's voice...I blinked a few times, shook my head, and watched that whole episode and caught the end credits..."Mona Marshall"...oy vey!

    Anyway, she's a great tallent, and she is giving all the other voice actors in her field a run for their money.