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  • By the look of the fans, I'll agree to them. Moneca Stori may be a superb voice actress, but she has some flaws.

    Moneca Stori, a great voice actress Ocean Group have. Best known as Kagome Higurashi in Inuyasha. Not that great as Videl from Dragonball Z. To be honest, it's the exact same voice along with Laura Haruna from Hamtaro (and I don't really like Hamtaro). Videl doesn't sound too tough at all in the Ocean Group's dub of Dragonball Z. All her other roles were Decent to Superb. Well, not much else to say. She's one of my favorites in the Ocean Group voice actors list. I haven't heard her recent role as of now of heard her voice for a long time (because I've stopped watching Inuyasha). Well, maybe someday she'll have an upcoming role soon.
  • I love her as kagome on Inuyasha.

    She is great I really love her for that role great voice actress she sounds very talented your so great monica I sometimes think that you should star on more anime you know that would be great wouldnt it love you monica you very talented you play my favorite character on Inyuasha.
  • She's the voice actor of Kagome and darn good at it!

    Yes, I only know her through her voice acting of characters (well, one character: Kagome from Inuyasha in the English dub) but she does a real good job. She must have a real unique voice to be the one behind Kagome's. I don't know how she could keep up with the many different moods of Kagome. Her voice is so high pitched and she yells a lot (A LOT, a lot), but she can also do Kagome in her sad, quiet mood. If that's not talent then I don't know what is. Moneca Stori is a very good voice actor and I admire her greatly.
  • Moneca Stori is indeed an excellent voice actress. She started off unfamiliar (due to not many roles in Japanese animation), but she got even more recognizable when it came to getting a bigger role in "Hamtaro" as Laura and then Kagome of "Inuyasha."

    This actress is excellent. I find that her voice can really make a difference in all of the anime shows she has been in. Getting minor/supporting roles might not ever be enough, but if she played a character that is more on-screen (say the lead), she will always be recognizable. Overall, Moneca is talented and quite versatile (meaning her start as voicing Hamtaro's 5th grader Laura Haruna to Inuyasha's 9th grader Kagome Higurashi.) Anyway she is fantastic!
  • She does the voice work of Kagome.

    Moneca Stori does a really great job voicing Kagome in InuYasha. She also voices Laura from Hamtaro and Videl from Dragonball Z. Three voices of 3 great women from anime and her voice sounds so pretty. I hope to meet her one day and I hope she continues doing a great job!
  • Monica is an AMAZING female-voice actor!

    As you know her for Kagome. I absolutely agree that she is a wonderful voice actor that makes people feel what the character is feeling and I believe that that's what make her really amazing and special for her character Kagome in InuYasha!:)

    (Keep supporting the InuYasha show by watching it)
  • Moneca Stori is amazing!

    At Comic-Con 2005 in San Diego, my friend and I had the privledge of meeting Moneca Stori, the voice of Kagome from the show Inuyasha. Not only is she pretty and incredibly nice, but she is talented. While we were there, she talked to us for a while, and she sounds exactly like Kagome! She even said "Sit Boy" for us, which was so cool! She is funny, smart, and polite to everyone. Moneca Stori is a wonderful voice actress, and has a great personality! We love her!