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  • By the look of the fans, I'll agree to them. Moneca Stori may be a superb voice actress, but she has some flaws.

    Moneca Stori, a great voice actress Ocean Group have. Best known as Kagome Higurashi in Inuyasha. Not that great as Videl from Dragonball Z. To be honest, it's the exact same voice along with Laura Haruna from Hamtaro (and I don't really like Hamtaro). Videl doesn't sound too tough at all in the Ocean Group's dub of Dragonball Z. All her other roles were Decent to Superb. Well, not much else to say. She's one of my favorites in the Ocean Group voice actors list. I haven't heard her recent role as of now of heard her voice for a long time (because I've stopped watching Inuyasha). Well, maybe someday she'll have an upcoming role soon.