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Monica Cayce

Monica Cayce


Fort Smith, Arkansas

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Monica Cayce


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Joseph & Monica have been dating for the past three years. This fun-loving couple met at a local bar in Fayetteville, Arkansas during college when Joseph claims he "just about broke his neck when Monica walked through the door." After a brief separation for a few months, they…more

Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Although Monica and Joseph's relationship was bumpy during the race, it brought them closer together despite how annoyed they got with each other.

    • Monica describes herself as being independent and tenacious.

    • Monica felt that, over the course of the Race, she really developed a sense of pride and accomplishment thanks to the fact that she hung in there with the boys. She skydived and bungee jumped without thinking twice.

    • The country that Monica most wanted to go to while participating on The Amazing Race was Greece, and luckily the race went there as well as eight other countries.

    • These are Monica and Joseph's finishing positions on The Amazing Race 9: Leg 1: (Brazil) 6th of 11.
      Leg 2: (Brazil) 3rd of 10.
      Leg 3: (Russia and Germany) 6th of 9.
      Leg 4: (Italy) 3rd of 8.
      Leg 5: (Italy) 3rd of 7
      Leg 6: (Greece) 2nd of 6.
      Leg 7: (Oman) 2nd of 5.
      Leg 8: (Australia) 2nd of 5.
      Leg 9: (Australia) 3rd of 4.
      Leg 10: (Thailand) 4th of 4 - Eliminated.

    • Monica graduated from University in 2006 and gained a Bachelor's Degree.

    • Monica's orientation is Straight and her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

    • Monica's favorites of life are the following:

      Music: Country and hip hop. Her favourite of the classics are Elton, Whitney, and Mariah and she also loves the 80's.

      Films: The Notebook.

      TV shows: The Amazing Race, Oprah and Grey's Anatomy.

      Books: The DaVinci Code, The Bridges of Madison County, The Pilot's Wife, and her all time FAV is Something Borrowed.

    • After participating on The Amazing Race, Monica and her partner Joseph got married.

  • Quotes

    • Monica: (in an interview segment) Nothing can bring you closer then going through stressful situation and loving it. We had fights, but we never got nasty or called each other names.

    • Monica: (Monica's personal quote) Right in the thick of love.

    • Monica: (in an interview segment regarding her husband Joseph) What I really took away from all this is how much he supported me. Joseph really is my rock and I could not have gotten through this without him.

    • Monica: (in an interview segment) Oh my gosh, we, this experience not only getting to travel the world and doing this with Joseph made us just, we're already best friends, and now I mean, he is my everything. We've experienced this together and how do you go on through life when you've experienced this together without each other. We've done this together, we can do anything.

    • Monica: (regarding her hero) My daddy for living a life where he never met a stranger and dying with never knowing an enemy. My boyfriend Joseph Meadows for being there for me through the good and the bad, and kicking ass in a race around the world.

    • Monica: (in an interview segment) There's always that fear that someone is just going to come racing past you and that fear makes you really emotional.

    • Monica: (having trouble pronouncing the Italian places while exploring Italy) I just murdered all those words.

    • Monica: (in an interview segment) I'll use the dumb blonde and the ditz to my advantage because I am not stupid.

    • Monica: I'm filthy... and I love it.

  • True colors come out in the end!

    Monica was on The Amazing Race in 2006 with her boyfriend, Joseph. This review is based on her appearance there.

    Monica and Joseph, or MoJo, as they called themselves, started out as just another team in the roster of 11 teams in the race. At first, they really didn't do anything particularly noteworthy.

    But, as the race went on, and MoJo managed to stay in the race, they began to distinguish themselves. And not in a good way. Monica in particular made herself stand out in my memory by being a whingy brat. She whined and moaned all the time; I think it was with the task that had the racers carrying the fish that she really started to get on my nerves. She always seemed to be negative and whiny. "I can't do this!" Well, if that's the case, she should have gotten out of the race.

    And then her true colors came through when The Hippies used their Road Block on MoJo. It was a race to get to the sign, and The Hippies made it first; we all know, without a doubt, that if MoJo had gotten there first, they would have blocked The Hippies, just out of spite. The Hippies had announced their intentions, and had a reason why (MoJo left them no money when they were penniless) they did it. Once blocked, Monica spent the hour complaining about how mean the Hippies were and how unfair it all was.

    She's a whiner, and I'm glad that she lost.moreless