Monica Dean

Monica Dean


12/12/1978, Romania

Birth Name

Monica Barladeanu



Also Known As

Monica Barladeanu, Monica Barladeanu
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Monica Bârlãdeanu also known as Monica Dean is a Romanian actress and model. Born December 12, 1978 in Iaºi, Romania, Bârlãdeanu was a popular national television host before accepting her first film role in 2004. In 2005 she played a nurse in the award-winning feature The Death of Mr. Lãzãrescu.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Talented and Beautiful

    I think that besides being beautiful this actress is very talented. I saw her in The death of Mr Lazarescu (2005 Cannes film festival winner) and she is great . She has great personality and looks very real. I am looking forward to see her in other movies and i understood that the next movie will be out soon . The name iof this movie is Living and something.... . I found her funs site , which is . Check this site, there are all the info you need if you like her. If anybody have other sites that have info on her ,please let me know>moreless
  • A good TV show host, a nice person, an ex-model

    Monica Barladeanu is a very beautiful woman. She was a tv star at B1 Tv. She presented a lot of shows and she did it well. She wasn\'t involved in scandals and she always kept it clean. Now she is in a relationship with Boby Paunescu, the owner of B1 Tv and a very known business man, for more than 2 years. I can\'t say i like her very much, but she\'s ok. I like it though how she acted in \"The death of Mr. Lazarescu\" and in \"Lost\" as well. I hope she will play in many movies and hope that will be soon.moreless