Monica Potter





7/30/1971 , Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Monica Louise Brokaw




Monica Louise Brokaw was born in June 30th 1971.. Her dad is an inventor and her mother is a secretary. Monica was raised among 3 sisters in a strict family, and went to Euclid, a private girls' school.

She got her first job at 12, and tried modeling. Her first steps were only local ads and covers. At 14, the actress still hesitated for her future career between modeling and...a nun !! And since childhood her father's influence, who sees her as the boy he didn't have, But as years pass, Monica turns to a pretty young maiden.

Her life chooses an unpredictable path: Monica got pregnant at 18, and married her boyfriend. She tried castings at Chicago, then Miami, where she was then sent in Peru for the "famous" Nubeleuz, a children show Monica would later refer as a "disaster". She always though to give showbiz up, but her father supported her financially.

1993. Monica's arrival in Los Angeles. She did not have much money, and a second child was on his way at this time. LA is however a turning point for Monica. She stayed there for 5 years. The french director Luc Besson gave her her first opportunity : she's one of the chewers in a gum commercial.

But everything isn't so easy, and Monica must work hard. After many lousy jobs, she finally gets a little role in the famous soap "The Young & the Restless". It's a little start, but it keeps growing from the ad to the soap!

Monica then acts a lot : she's seen in Bullet Proof, Heaven Or Vegas. Her first major role comes with "Without Limit", a Tom Cruise's production.

Monica Potter's 1st box office hit is "Con Air". She starts here her long impressive series of partnership with Hollywood biggest stars. Monica is seen again in major movies like Patch Adams, Head Over Heels or the recent Along Came a Spider, co-starring Morgan Freeman. Critics enjoy Monica's talent and ability to move ("She is usually the best thing in any movie she's in"), and movies' successes attract directors and producers.

Today, Monica's fame keeps growing. She made the Maxim's cover, and will soon be in the theatres again in a new sexy romantic comedy -- Best Wishes.

As a single woman, She raises her 2 sons alone, but has kept her ex-husband as her closest friend. She is a happy and beautiful woman, humorous, moving, and she never reads what's written on her, good or bad. She's one of Hollywood's most talented and promising actress.