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  • Trivia

    • Her height is 5' 7" (1.70 m).

    • Monica was honored as "Best Movie Star Loyal to Cleveland" by for her insistence on keeping her family in the Ohio city even after becoming a successful Hollywood celebrity.

    • Monica is from Cleveland, Ohio and still lives there because it is a great place to raise children. She lives right down the street from the house where she grew up.

    • While filming Con Air, Monica was the only girl in the cast so she had to hang out with the guys, including visiting a strip club.

    • Monica started her acting career on the daytime soap opera, The Young And The Restless.

    • Monica modeled in both Chicago and Miami before she decided to try out acting.

    • Monica's most embarrassing moment was when she was invited to a Hollywood soiree and since she has never been invited to a soiree before, she tried hard to look cool and did some pretty silly things. She crept up behind people's backs and made funny faces.

    • Monica has a Shamrock tattoo on her left ankle.

    • Thought she had good fashion sense, until she met her supermodel co-stars Tomiko Fraser and Sarah O'Hare.

    • Monica is pregnant at 18, and marries her boyfriend.

    • Many among the Monica fans believe she looks a great deal like Julia Roberts.

    • She puts castor oil on her eyelashes and eyebrows to make them thicker.

    • Her real last name is not Potter but Monica Gregg Brokaw. Potter was her first husband's name.

    • Her claim to fame is portraying Sharon Collins on The Young and the Restless (1973).

    • Education: Villa Angela Catholic School for girls.

    • Her Nicknames are Mon and Mocky.

    • She's married with Daniel Christopher Allison (June 2005 - present) 1 child .

    • During the 2003 TV development season, she appeared in the CBS comedy "The Lunchbox Chronicles," which failed to get picked up. Early 2004, she was cast opposite Chris O'Donnell and Jay Harrington in the unsuccessful comedy pilot "The Amazing Westermans," also at CBS.

    • Monica gave birth to a girl, Molly Brigid Allison, on August 3, 2005 weighing in at 7 lb. 3 oz.

    • On March 2005, Monica got engaged to an orthopedic surgeon, Chris.

    • The song "Mrs.Potter's Lullaby" by Counting Crows was written about her.

  • Quotes

    • Monica Potter: (Interview, April 2001) If something strikes me as really funny, very intriguing or really touching, then I just go and do it. It's never about managing my career in a way that this would be a good move. I have enough people telling me what to do, so I think that when I read something, if I admire the writing and who's directing it, I just go for it.

    • Monica Potter: (on Cleveland where she grew up) It's a great place to raise kids. I had a very happy childhood there, growing up on a special street where everyone knew everyone.

    • Monica Potter: The perfect man is quiet and exudes that man thing but still has feelings. I want someone to be relaxed and trusting, laid–back but not lazy, a hard worker but not so hard that I don't get the attention I need.

    • Monica Potter: I love acting, and I see it as a way to achieve what I really want to do. I want to help children. One way to do that is to be a successful actress.

    • Monica Potter:People figure because I'm blonde and was a model, I just waltzed into Los Angeles and got major roles in major films.