Monica Raymund

Monica Raymund


7/26/1986, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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Up-and-coming actress Monica Raymund, who stars as the emotional and feisty Lightman Group employee Ria Torres on Lie To Me, was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. When she was just four years old, Monica was already playing the piano. At an early age, Monica has displayed…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2009, Monica was named as one of Entertainment Weekly's 15 Smartest, Sexiest Women Crime-Fighters for her role as Ria Torres on Lie to Me.

    • She considers fellow Shorecrest Prep graduate and Tony- and Golden Globe-nominated actor Patrick Wilson as her acting inspiration.

    • Before Monica moved to Los Angeles, California for the filming of Lie to Me, she was living in New York and briefly stayed in Boston to do a play.

    • The night before her audition for Juilliard, Monica got cold feet and considered ditching her tryout, but her parents convinced her otherwise. Before she got accepted to the drama division of the prestigious school, she was planning to double major in science and theater at a liberal arts college such as Vassar or Bucknell.

    • Monica's father Steve Raymund, a Jewish California native, is the Chief Executive of Tech Data Corporation. He was once ranked No.5 among Tampa Bay (Florida) area's top business leaders. Her mother, Sonia, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, works at and is the co-founder of Soulful Arts Dance Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    • When Bob Devin Jones wrote the musical Manhattan Casino, he particularly had Monica Raymund in mind as he created the character of Althea.

    • Raymund is a huge fan of actor Mekhi Phifer, so when she finally got to meet him as he guest-starred on Lie to Me, Monica was a little star-struck.

    • Monica was a straight-A student when she attended the theater program at Shorecrest Preparatory School.

    • Monica finds that her own story parallels that of her Lie to Me character Ria Torres. They are both rookies in the profession they are in and both of them possess the natural ability to perform their respective jobs.

    • She performed in the following stage productions while attending Juilliard school in New York City: Animal Farm, Cymbeline, and The Diviners. Her other theatrical credits include Manhattan Casino at St. Petersburg, Florida and Webb's City: The Musical.

    • When Monica was hired to portray Ria Torres on Lie to Me, she has yet to get her diploma from Juilliard School.

    • Monica played the role of Sarah in the 2007 short film Fighter.

    • Her first acting exposure was playing the role of Dorothy in a children's production of The Wizard of Oz when she was 12 years old.

  • Quotes

    • Monica: I can't tell you how many times my father has been telling me to concentrate on this or that and to set your priorities right.

    • Monica: (advice to aspiring actors) I would say to never doubt yourself and to always reach for the stars. Be tenacious. Value what you've been given. And keep going with your education.

    • Monica: (on working with the cast of "Lie to Me") It's fun because Tim [Roth] doesn't have much experience in TV and neither do I, so we're both learning from a very different point of view and very different experience levels. And Kelli [Williams] is one of my big role models now, I think she's awesome as a working woman and a mother... that's great.

    • Monica: Acting is a luxury, a gift. (Marriage and family), that is my true, true dream... One thing my parents always taught me was to maximize my options.

    • Monica: (in a 2009 feature article) Sometimes, growing up, I tried to be very Latina; I would change my voice... experiment with my hair a lot, trying to figure out who I was in a primarily white school. Race, to me, is a very blurry thing... and I hope that anybody who feels 'there's not a place for me' will see that times are changing. Look at the White House.

    • Monica: (on working with experienced actors on stage) They make you feel so much more at home and so much more at ease with your performance. They don't walk around with this pompous attitude of being a professional... Everyone is equal.

    • Monica: (about reading people outside of her work on "Lie to Me") I'm certainly much more aware of people speaking to me; my eye is a little sharper in determining their facial expression and wrinkles... and little tips that I practice on the show. It's quite annoying actually; when we stop filming I don't want to be seeing things like that.

    • Monica: (on her skills of detecting when someone is lying to her) They're pretty bad, I'm not going to lie. Not only am I a gullible person, but I'm very bad at the lie detection thing. I've practiced, believe me, but... I think everybody is telling the truth! [Laughs] If you tell me that the sky is red, I will look up.

    • Monica: (on her audition for "Lie to Me") I just really didn't think I was any good on TV. I just knew I wasn't going to get it, so I was so relaxed about the audition that I got it. The same thing happened with my audition for Juilliard... if I don't take it seriously, I tend to do better.

    • Monica: I know it sounds silly, but it takes some time getting used to all the cameras in your face. I think it's like playing jazz. After I learn the rules, I can have fun and play a little bit.