Monica Rial

Monica Rial


10/5/1975, Houston, Texas

Birth Name

Monica J. Rial



Also Known As

Lisa Blanchard, Monica J. Rial
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Monica Rial is a prolific voice actress, having voiced dozens of roles, including Natsume in Generator Gawl, Izumi in Princess Nine, Steel Angel Kurumi's Saki, Haruka from Rahxephon, Momiji in Blue Seed II, Nozomi from Chance Pop Session, The Nadesico movie's Mikako, Lila from Najica, Miharu from Gasaraki,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Monica credits her friend Jason Douglas for pushing her into the voice acting business while she was still doing mostly stage acting, and some of her friends had gotten work at ADV Films.

    • Not only does Monica voice anime characters for ADV Films, she also writes articles for the US version of the anime magazine Newtype.

    • When asked in an actor commentary about which anime world she would like to be stuck in, Monica mentioned she would pick Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE because "all the characters are tall and skinny." She also likes that the characters are also drawn well and change costumes, "not like Judy Jetson going to the sock hop."

    • In an actor commentary for Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Monica mentions she initially was asked to audition for the mascot character Mokona over the Internet, but then she researched the other characters and fell in love with Sakura. She ended up auditioning for both, and landed the role of Sakura.

    • Monica Rial lends her voice to the character Ryoko in the show Jigoku Shoujo (aka Hell Girl).

    • According to her video interview on Noir, Monica mentions she was probably chosen to voice Chloe because the director wanted her to play a quiet role.

    • She not only appears in anime with fellow voice actors Chris Patton and Greg Ayers but the three are well known for being on stage together.

    • Monica has two brothers.

    • Monica describes her character, Aya Sugita on Kodocha, as "like Amy from Case Closed but quieter". Amy is a girl that hangs out with the main character Conan as they do detective work. Likewise, Aya is Sana's best friend.

    • Monica enjoys attending the anime conventions and likes when the folks cosplay, that is, dress up as different characters from the series she's in.

    • Monica initially auditioned for the starring role of Sana Kurata in the TV series Kodocha but ended up playing Sana's best friend, Aya.

    • On the Kodocha Volume 4 DVD audio commentary, Monica talks about driving around her 1982 Ford Probe.

    • When talking about her character, Saki from Steel Angel Kurumi, Monica states, "The roles that I've done, I've really enjoyed everything. But in particular, this character I wanted to play because there was that different angle. I believe my exact words were 'I want to play the lesbian!'"

  • Quotes

  • A Very Jovial and Wonderful Actress

    This girl knows what she is doing and is epic. She has a great personality and a lot of talent. Not to mention a lot of love to offer. She's been an actress in 99% of the shows I love and is a fantastic actress. I can't list her best achievements, I would take far too long and this post would fit around the earth at least once. You rock Monica Rial, keep doing what you do!moreless
  • Monica is so funny and wonderful

    Monica is wild thing and very funny I buy an DNangel dvd that her and Jessica Boomer do an Audio Commentary for the dvd one word "WOW!" she is so hyper and fun and she go to alot of Cons and Iam going to AnimeVegas which is an Anime cons she gona be there!!!!