Monika Schnarre

Monika Schnarre


5/27/1971, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Monika Schnarre



Also Known As

Monika Schnarr, Monica Schnarre
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Monika Schnarre was born May 27, 1971 in Toronto. In 1986, Monika was staying with her sister in a hotel where fashion show was held and she was asked the participate. Later, after winning Ford Supermodel contest "Supermodel of the world" (as a younger girl ever to win)…more


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    • Monika (about modeling): Modeling was something that I just fell into -- it wasn't my main goal in life and I felt that I had accomplished everything I would in that area. I wanted to move on and prove that I could make it in another industry--one that I was more passionate about.

    • Monika (about Sorceress): I enjoy her innocence and playfulness. I always will think of her like a child who doesn't always understand the consequences of her actions.

    • Monika (about death of her Grandmother Maria): It was the toughest thing I ever had to go through - to see someone that I loved so much - suffering. Now instead of praying that she would live forever, as I had done as a child, I prayed that she would leave this place. Thankfully on March 14, 2001, my prayer was answered and she never woke up. I still mourn. However, I view death in a completely different way now... Death became a beautiful thing... a closing of a chapter of an extraordinary life. I have an overwhelming sense of peace when I think of Maria and now have no fear.