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12/11/1967, Baltimore, Maryland

Birth Name

Monique Imes



Also Known As

Mo'Nique Imes, Monique Imes-Jackson
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A stand-up comedienne/actress of stage, screen, and television, Mo'Nique is a role model for plus-size actresses in Hollywood. She also hosted two installments of "Mo'Nique's Fat Chance" on the Oxygen network.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2010, Mo'Nique won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role playing Mary on Precious.

    • She has openly acknowledged that as a child, she was sexually abused by her older brother. She withheld the information from her parents for a long time, but when she finally told them, they were supportive of her. She claims that playing an abusive mother in the 2009 film Precious helped her learn how to move forward and forgive her brother for his actions. To this day, she claims that the only apology she ever received from him was "If you think I did something wrong, then I'm sorry".

    • She does not shave her legs, and she is not ashamed to expose it. She claims that she tried shaving once, but it was so "uncomfortable" and "painful," and when the hair grew back, there was even more of it than before, so she vowed never to bother with it again. She says her husband loves her legs.

    • She appears in Anthony Hamilton's video "Sista Big Bones".

    • Besides her acting career, Mo'Nique is also a comedian, a fashion designer and a model.

    • In 2006, she hosted "Mo'Nique's F.A.T Chance" an annual beauty pageant for "Fabulous and Thick" woman.

    • Mo'Nique began working as a plus-size model at the age of 17.

    • Mo'Nique has three siblings: Steven Gerald and Millicent Imes.

    • Mo'Nique launched her own line of clothing called Big Beautiful and Loving It in August 2000. Unfortunately, it lasted only 2 years.

    • Mo'Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks, welcomed twins named Jonathan and David on October 3, 2005.

    • Mo'Nique married her second husband, Sidney Hicks, on May 20, 2006.

    • Mo'Nique got married to Mark Jackson on December 25, 1997. Although they are now divorced, they have two children together, Mark Jackson Jr. and Shalon Jackson.

    • Mo'Nique is 5' 9" (1.75 m) tall.

    • One of the original Queens Of Comedy along With Adele Givens, Laura Hayes, and Sommore.

    • She played the main role in her most recent movie, Phat Girlz (2006).

    • She played in the movie Two Can Play That Game (2001) along with Morris Chestnut and Vivica A. Fox.

    • She played in the movie Baby Boy (2001) along with Tyrese and Snoop Dogg.

    • She was cast in the movie Soul Plane (2004) as Jamiqua and played along side Snoop Dogg and Method Man.

  • Quotes

    • Mo'Nique: I don't think that anyone should be in control of a relationship. I think that if you have a woman that controls her man, he is a puppet and he is weak.

  • Monique is a true inspiration to me as a black woman with a teenage daughter. I highly respect what she stands for and respresents. She has a strong foundation which is needed in her industry.moreless

    On my God!!! What a powerful, wonderful woman that has taken her place in this industry. I am definitely a true fan because Monique demonstrates what being black, beautiful, and full figured respresents. As I sat and watched the conclusion of Charm School, I cried because my heart went out to Monique and how see handled the situation with Larissa. I applauded how she embraced that young lady and displayed love and respect to Larissa and her mother. God is definitely in her life. I just wanted to say having a 17 year old daughter, I appreciated how she dealt with that situation because it could have taken a 360 turn but Monique turned a potentially disasterous situation into devoting her energy to making sure we(black women) embrace, respect, and love one another, not disrespect each other. Monique, I just wanted to say from woman to woman, as long as you keep God 1st in your life you have not yet begun to see the wondeful blessings he has instore for you!!! God bless you my beautiful black sister.moreless
  • I met Mo' at the pageant here in STL. She is pro black and not afraid to speak up. I told her I gave my spouse a kidney and I am starting a live organ donor organization for African Americans. she was interested I hope her assis. gave her my e-mails.moreless

    After the show in STL at the pageant MO'nique came into the audience and took pictures with the fans. She is a great person. I spoke with her about giving my husband a kidney. MO' invited us back to her dressing room. We told MO' our love story and how we were a perfect match, and GOD blessed me to be able give my husband a kidney. I told her that I was starting an organization for african americans and low income live organ donors. She was very interested in my vision. I hope that someday we cross paths again. Mo'nique is a lady and she loves her people, but I know when you are a celebrity you have to be sceptical of people. Over all MO' is real on every level. She is funny and always has a come back for somebody in the audience trying to be the comedian. She never has a moment of silence while on the stage. When she comes, she comes hard and I swear my jaws and stomach was sore when I left the comedy show. Mo'nique is about real talk. Mo' also has a way to make you believe you can do anything. That is why she is successful. Mo' is full of life and laughter. Do not let the purse fool you she wil throw down if she needs to. She is all the way live. Yes, she is a lady , but she is not to be messed with. Oh, and have you seen her crew, they ain't playing with you. I wish her much success and many more years of luaghter. Keep it up Mo' and 'FORGET EM' you know what I'm talking about!! Love and Peace, ELAINE and KENYATTA from the STL!!!!moreless