Monique Babblesworth

Monique Babblesworth


9/19/1987, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Monique Babblesworth



Also Known As

Monique Calhoun, Monique
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Monique Babblesworth was born the 19 of September in Chicago, Illinois. Before she went into America's Next Top Model, she worked as a marketing representative. When she was 19 years old, she decided to try out for Cycle 7. She was not well-liked in the house after the…more


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    • (about Melrose Bickerstaff)
      Monique: I have never, ever despised somebody so much before in my life.

    • (talking about the underwear episode)
      Monique: As for that, it was edited. The other things that girls were doing to me weren't shown, it just shows my dirt. So, it comes off as me being very immature and unprofessional. But modeling is separate from being in the house; it's two different things. As me a model, I am a model when it comes down to business. But me in the house is something totally different. I don't think that the way I acted in the house should be a problem with the way I model. I wasn't acting out on set; it was just in the house. When I do meet with agents, anybody who comes in contact with me – they love me. I am a good person. I am always real cool and down to earth. People that know me and will know me – they love me.

    • (about Monique)
      Ken Mok: The underwear incident was disgusting, but it's what she chose to do. We don't censor. Besides, we never had a girl do those things. If I showed all the footage of what Monique did, it would be 15 times as bad.

    • Monique: I figured I would be the bitch on the show. But they made me look immature, and if they would have showed other people doing their dirt, it wouldn't have looked like that.

    • Monique: I just felt that this whole time here was honestly a waste, that's all I have to say, farewell. Melrose is going to have a freaking party... that's the part that really sucks, I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of my leaving.

    • (about fellow contestant Melrose Bickerstaff)
      Monique: Mel just acts like she's so perfect and she's not... she just has to be the better person all the time but right now I'm focused on getting better and showing that I am Top Model material.

    • Monique: I want to go back to school for forensics. But that's later, first I want to be the world's top model, not just America's.