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  • Great guy.

    Like him a lot.

    I would like your help can you please help me to find my other half of my family. I dont know where else to turn to. everyone close therE doors on me and I need to find the other part of my family I am not a hole right now and I am very confused at this point. I know that you help people that is why I am asking for your help. thank you and god bless. you can reach me on my cell phone. I would like your help please. Can you help me to find my brothers and sister
  • My story's about me thanking my aunt. She's been there for me so I want to be there for her. She lost her husband to M.S. but had no idea he would die so soon. I thought this would be a good way for her to get her mind off the bad and onto the good.

    Dear Montel, These past few years have been harsh. Well, for my aunt and my cousins. My Aunt Peggy has 4 daughters, 2 grandchildren, one on the way, and she had a husband. Her husband just recently past away a couple of days ago. He was diagnosed with M.S. My aunt has been there for me through thick and thin and now I want to be there for her for once. Her 2 oldest Savannah and Angela are twins. Angela has 2 children, David who is 5 and Xavier who is 8 months. They both don't have fathers but had a father figure in their grandpa. Savannah has a baby on the way and is due in July. Ashley, the third child, is always sick and needs to go to the hospital. Gabby, the youngest and the miracle baby, is deaf, has asthma, and is need for medicine all day long. Lastly, my aunt has had to deal with all of everything for the past 16 years. She hasn't had a job since I can remember. So, all of this was hard enough without a job and not getting paid for all the bills. I wanted to tell you the story of my family because I care. I want the best for them and for their future. Their house isn't in the best shape. They have 6 people living here and a dog. My uncle has just recently past away so it's been a hard couple days. Everyone is having a nervous breakdown and I wanted to be the one to make things better so they wouldn't have to worry too much. With all the bills and everything for the funeral and the wake, I'm not sure my aunt can make it on her own. So, if you can please listen to my story, then I'm sure it'll touch your heart.