Monti Sharp





9/20/1967 , Monroe, LA

Birth Name

Monti George Sharp




Monti was born on September 20, 1967 in Monroe, LA. His father was a civil rights attorney in the Monroe area. His mother was a schoolteacher. He has numerous brothers and sisters, He attended the local school system from elementary through high school. It was during his formative years that he became interested in acting. After high school, he attended Northwest Louisiana University. At NLU, he studied broadcast journalism and interned at the local CBS station. From there, he attended the North Carolina School of the Arts to study acting. After leaving NCSA, he moved to nEw York City. Like most struggling actors who come to New York, Monti accepted odd jobs like waiting tables. Eventually he landed acting jobs in repertory productions (usually off-Broadway) and toured with regional theater groups, including playing Biff in an all-black produciton of the Arthur Miller classic DEATH OF A SALESMAN. It was at one of these productions that he was noticed by the late Betty Rea, who was the casting director for the long-running daytime dramas AS THE WORLD TURNS and THE GUIDING LIGHT. In early 1992, he auditioned for a new character being created for GL. He won the role of David Grant, a rebellious young man with a heart of gold. His first appearance as Dacid was on April 30, 1992. On screen, he was paired with future movie star Nia Long, who played his love interest Kat Speakes. In 1993, he won two awards. The first was the SOAP OPERA DIGEST award for Best Male Newcomer. The second was the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor. Monti left GL in early 1995. Upon leaving, he became interested in flying planes. Shortly before leaving GL, he took a small role as a New York City policeman in the Hughes Brothers film DEAD PRESIDENTS. The film was released in October that year. Unfortunately, his character is murdered by one of the main characters played by comedian Chris Tucker. In early 1996, he played the short-term role of James on the ABC soap LOVING (then renamed THE CITY). During this time, he also guest starred on an episode of NYPD BLUE. In the episode, Monti played a deranged nutjob named Rodney Wellstone, who confesses to decapitating (literally) a former college professor who wanted to have sex with Rodney. During this time, he also engaged in other projects like REBOUND (a made-for-cable film) and INFERNO (a made-for-television film), In the fall of 1997, Monti took over the role as the nefarious Dr. Lew McCloud on AS THE WORLD TURNS. The role lasted until the following January. A few months later, he took over the role of Justus Ward on the ABC soap GENERAL HOSPITAL. Both the roles of Lew and Justus were previously played by other actors before Monti took them over. He left GH in June of 1999. After leaving GH, he starred and directed a film called YOUNG AMERICANS. The film tells the story of Johnny, an ex-con out to settle the score with his former partner-in-crime who helped put Johnny in prison. He also had a small role as a civil rights activist in the NBC mini-series THE ' 60s, which originally aired in early 2000. He has been busy doing primarily stage work and a few guest-starring roles, including the NBC drama PROVIDENCE (which starred Melina Kanakeredes, who played Eleni Cooper on GL during the time Monti played David). He still enjoying his hobbies like flying planes (he has since received his pilot's license) and writing poetry (he wrote a book of poems in 1998 called SOUL AND THE STRATEGIC DEFENSE INITIATIVE).