Montserrat Lombard

Montserrat Lombard


8/1/1982, England

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  • Monseratt Lombard as Shaz in Ashes to As...
  • Monseratt Lombard as Shaz in Ashes to As...
  • Montserrat Lombard as Shaz in Ashes to A...
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Montserrat Lombard is an English actress born in 1982. She has appeared in a variety of television programmes, notably Love Soup and Ashes To Ashes.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2005 Montserrat appeared in an advert for the MINT Credit Card. Her character had a boyfriend who kept sneezing on everyone in a restaurant.

    • In 2003 Montserrat played the characters of Daisy/Louise/Sharon in People Who Don't Do Dinner Parties for Morpheus Productions.

    • Montserrat can speak American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Cockney, East European, Italian, Lancashire, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Spanish accents.

    • Montserrat's father, Jesus Lopez, is a Spanish painter and pianist

  • Quotes

    • Montserrat: (on if she listened to 80's music to get into the role of Shaz Granger): Yes, I did at first. But I find it very difficult to get into…When you see it all together it totally works, but it did really drain me when I first started hearing it. I thought, 'Oh my God!' It was a bit of a shock! I watched some stuff on YouTube about the Blitz Club, which was great.

    • Montserrat: (On her Ashes To Ashes character Shaz Granger): She's a good Catholic girl - but a New Romantic at night! She's very strong, but can be quite silent at work – she knows she has to be as there are a lot of boys around. But she can be very opinionated.