Monty Sopp

Monty Sopp


11/11/1963, Austin, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Monty Kip Sopp



Also Known As

Kip Sopp, Monty Sopp, Rockabilly, Kip James, The One Billy Gunn, Billy G, Mr. Ass, The New Age Outlaw, The Outlaw, Billy, "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn, The G-Man, Kip Winchester, "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn
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Height: 6'3" Weight: 260 pounds Finishing Move: Jumping Legdrop Title History: IWF Tag Team titles; WWF Tag Team titles (10); WWF King of the Ring 1999; WWF Intercontinental title; WWF Hardcore title; MCW Tag Team titles w/BG James


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In November of 2004, he was released from the WWE.

    • In 2005 he briefly wrestled for independent promotions World Pro Wrestling and Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (In Korea).

    • Finishers:
      Solo: FameASSer

      Tag Teams:
      The Smokin' Gunns with Bart Gunn (WWF): Sidewinder
      The New Age Outlaws (WWF): Spike piledriver
      Billy & Chuck (WWE): Code Red

    • During his solo days in the then WWF he won the now-defunct WWF Hardcore title twice and the IC Title once.

    • He was ranked as #170 in the PWI 500 for 2007. His highest ranking came in 1999 as #39.

    • Kip won the annual WWF King of the Ring in 1999 by defeating former DX member, X-Pac.

    • As a solo and tag wrestler, he's had a few managers, they were:
      Sunny - in the WWF with The Smoking Gunns
      Torrie Wilson - In the WWE when he was a solo wrestler on SD
      Roxy Laveaux - As a member of VKM in TNA
      Chyna - As a member of DX and solo in the WWF
      The Honky Tonk Man - When he was Rockabilly in the WWF
      Rico - As Billy in the Billy & Chuck tag team.

    • The day after Wrestlemania 14, March 30, 1998, The New Age Outlaws, Billy And Road Dogg officially became members of the stable known as D-X.

    • In 1997 when he was a solo wrestler in the WWF, he was known as Rockabilly wrestling under the guidance of the legendary Honky Tonk Man.

    • Using the name Kip Winchester, he was a 2 time IWF Tag Team Champion alongside Bart Gunn as his tag partner in 1992.

    • Kip is a former 10 time WWF Tag Champ.
      He has held it 3 times with Bart Gunn, 2 times with Chuck Palumbo and 5 times with Road Dogg.

    • In February of 2005, he made his debut in the TNA wrestling promotion as The Outlaw.

    • Monty made his debut in the WWF as a part of the tag team, The Smoking Guns, in 1995.

    • He wrestles as the G-Man on the independent wrestling circuit.

    • He was trained by the Harris Brothers and Jerry Gray.

    • He is now known as Kip James in TNA wrestling.

    • *Tag Teams* -
      Billy & Chuck (with Chuck)WWE -
      The Smoking Guns (with Bart Gunn) WWF-
      The New Age Outlaws (with Road Dogg) WWF-
      The James Gang (with B.G. James)TNA-
      VKM (with BG James)TNA-

    • *Wrestling Names* -
      Mr Ass - WWF
      Rockabilly - WWF
      Kip Winchester - IWF
      The One Billy Gunn - WWE
      Bas Ass Billy Gunn- WWE
      The Outlaw- TNA
      Kip James - TNA

    • He was a five-time tag champ when he was one of the 'New Age Outlaws'.

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