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    • In November of 2004, he was released from the WWE.

    • In 2005 he briefly wrestled for independent promotions World Pro Wrestling and Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (In Korea).

    • Finishers:
      Solo: FameASSer

      Tag Teams:
      The Smokin' Gunns with Bart Gunn (WWF): Sidewinder
      The New Age Outlaws (WWF): Spike piledriver
      Billy & Chuck (WWE): Code Red

    • During his solo days in the then WWF he won the now-defunct WWF Hardcore title twice and the IC Title once.

    • He was ranked as #170 in the PWI 500 for 2007. His highest ranking came in 1999 as #39.

    • Kip won the annual WWF King of the Ring in 1999 by defeating former DX member, X-Pac.

    • As a solo and tag wrestler, he's had a few managers, they were:
      Sunny - in the WWF with The Smoking Gunns
      Torrie Wilson - In the WWE when he was a solo wrestler on SD
      Roxy Laveaux - As a member of VKM in TNA
      Chyna - As a member of DX and solo in the WWF
      The Honky Tonk Man - When he was Rockabilly in the WWF
      Rico - As Billy in the Billy & Chuck tag team.

    • The day after Wrestlemania 14, March 30, 1998, The New Age Outlaws, Billy And Road Dogg officially became members of the stable known as D-X.

    • In 1997 when he was a solo wrestler in the WWF, he was known as Rockabilly wrestling under the guidance of the legendary Honky Tonk Man.

    • Using the name Kip Winchester, he was a 2 time IWF Tag Team Champion alongside Bart Gunn as his tag partner in 1992.

    • Kip is a former 10 time WWF Tag Champ.
      He has held it 3 times with Bart Gunn, 2 times with Chuck Palumbo and 5 times with Road Dogg.

    • In February of 2005, he made his debut in the TNA wrestling promotion as The Outlaw.

    • Monty made his debut in the WWF as a part of the tag team, The Smoking Guns, in 1995.

    • He wrestles as the G-Man on the independent wrestling circuit.

    • He was trained by the Harris Brothers and Jerry Gray.

    • He is now known as Kip James in TNA wrestling.

    • *Tag Teams* -
      Billy & Chuck (with Chuck)WWE -
      The Smoking Guns (with Bart Gunn) WWF-
      The New Age Outlaws (with Road Dogg) WWF-
      The James Gang (with B.G. James)TNA-
      VKM (with BG James)TNA-

    • *Wrestling Names* -
      Mr Ass - WWF
      Rockabilly - WWF
      Kip Winchester - IWF
      The One Billy Gunn - WWE
      Bas Ass Billy Gunn- WWE
      The Outlaw- TNA
      Kip James - TNA

    • He was a five-time tag champ when he was one of the 'New Age Outlaws'.

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