Moon Bloodgood

Moon Bloodgood


9/20/1975, Anaheim, California, USA

Birth Name

Korinna Moon Bloodgood


  • Moon Bloodgood and Noah Wyle on Falling ...
  • Moon Bloodgood on Falling Skies.
  • Moon Bloodgood on Falling Skies.
  • Moon Bloodgood and Noah Wyle on Falling ...
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Asian-American Moon Bloodgood was born on September 20, 1975 in Anaheim, California after her parents relocated from Korea, where her American father, who was a military man, met her South Korean mother while stationed there. Growing up in Orange County, Moon had dreams of becoming a singer but…more


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    • Moon Bloodgood: Moon is my middle name. My mom thought the moon was beautiful and in her village they didn't have electricity so the moon guided her home. I know it sounds far-fetched.

    • Moon Bloodgood: I'm such a freestyle person. I like freestyle dance, freestyle music, and freestyle living.

    • Moon Bloodgood: (on where she grew up) The misconception about Orange County is that it's all Caucasian and Republican. There are parts that are diverse and poor. It's not just a suburb of kids who have it easy.

    • Moon Bloodgood: I like to think I'm multifaceted. Sexy but approachable. I don't have to be the sex kitten.

    • (on what she considers a great night at home)
      Moon Bloodgood: For me, we call it Slumber Party Night. I can publicly say that. We rent movies and eat junk food and just get in our comfy clothes and watch TV and hang out.

    • (on living in Los Angeles, California)
      Moon Bloodgood: I think people think it's more exciting than it is. It's a very normal life for me. Yeah, we go out but cook dinners. I just love working, I love just being outdoors and being in the sun.

    • Moon Bloodgood: My favorite movies were always thrillers, Memento, The Usual Suspects. I love the idea that the audience member gets to solve a puzzle.

    • (on her show, "Journeyman")
      Moon Bloodgood: I think it's good, and I think it's deep and it has heart. I love doing a show that's not superficial. It has so many layers and I love captivating people in that way.

    • Moon Bloodgood: I've always loved time travel. Always. I love the idea of being able to revisit your past and 'could your change your future.' I love the idea of regret, of whether you look back in regret and wonder if you made the right choices.

    • (about her parents naming her Moon Bloodgood)
      Moon Bloodgood: Moon is a Korean name, and Bloodgood is Dutch. My mom has never tried a drug in her life. She named me Moon. It's not a pot thing. But she does like to call pot "happy smoke."

    • (on her competitive desire)
      Moon Bloodgood: Is there anyone who's trying to make it in Hollywood who's not competitive? I like being competitive with people I don't know. The worst thing is competing against friends. It causes so much tension.

    • (on getting her first major movie role)
      Moon Bloodgood: Just one audition tape. I play a pilot who flies expeditions in and out of Antarctica. The producers were looking for a strong, assertive woman, and that's exactly who I am. I'm feisty.

    • (when told that she had the best pajamas on television)
      Moon Bloodgood: I'm so glad you like them! I actually joke with the camera guys, "Are you shooting my butt? Are you getting me full-length? Because I don't like my butt." I'm that girl. And they're like, "Moon.... " [Laughs]

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    I have seen her on Daybreak and on Journeyman and in the supporting role she seems really good and I wonder why she hasn't quite been bumped up to a star role yet. I thought her role in Daybreak was very important - as keeping her safe was often the main storyline of the show. Watching her die several times was interesting writing and really made me feel for her character. Her Journeyman stint was surrounded in mystery, which I think made her character fun to watch but also didnt let me really get to know her character all that much. Overall I would say she is ready for a mjor role sometime soon, though I guess some would call her recent roles "big"moreless