Moon Unit Zappa

Moon Unit Zappa


9/28/1967, New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Moon Unit Zappa



Also Known As

Moon Zappa
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Moon Unit Zappa was born in New York City in 1967 to Frank Zappa and Gail Sloatman.

In 1981, her father let her improvise a comedy routine which was edited together and became Valley Girl, which was Frank Zappa's biggest hit.

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Moon played the role of Rusty's California girl in the hit comedy starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo, National Lampoon's European Vacation.

    • Moon grew much closer to her father in the months that lead up to his death, and was there when he died. She now respects him and her mother for not changing who they were, just to try and make her happy.

    • Moon still gets irked when listeners think that she is singing 'Valley Girl' as herself, and not mocking the slang that the girls were caught up in at that time. It was meant to be a satire.

    • Moon considered a career in music when 'Valley Girl' hit, but her father, who had to fight for artistic freedom, begged her to choose another path.

    • Moon has been typecast as zany and wacky, but describes herself as quiet and shy, she likes to read books, listen to music, and go for nature walks. She chooses friends who make the world a more harmonius place.

    • Moon can sing along, by heart, to any the albums made by the following artists: Ratt, Winger, Scorpions, Metallica, Nelson, Pantera, and Van Halen.

    • Moon was extremely self-concious in her teen years, right when she was pushed into the spotlight with her hit song 'Valley Girl'. She had excessive acne, and was labeled 'friend' with all of the guys at school.

    • Moon didn't understand as a child that the world had rules, because their family did not. Her mother would hitch hike barefoot to the country store, she had no concept of authority. She thought that she was going to help the teacher on her first day of school.

    • Moon had a huge crush on Jon Bon Jovi as a teen, she made it a rule that she was to be notified immediately if the music video 'She Don't Even Know My Name' came on. She knew that Jon was meant to be hers, because he wore a crescent moon necklace that could be seen in his videos.

    • Moon only had two rules in her home, growing up: if you are going to take a shower, do so with the person that you are dating, to save water; and if you buy one for yourself, buy 6, because chances are that everyone will want one.

    • Moon and her father Frank created the 'Official Valley Girl' coloring book in 1982.

    • Moon played Bianca Jagger in a Los Angeles stage musical titled Waiting for Studio 54, written by her close friend Laura Milligan.

    • Moon is married to Paul Doucette, the drummer for rock band Matchbox Twenty. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Mathilda Plum Doucette on December 21, 2004, on what would have been her late father's 64th birthday.

    • Moon is the author of the semi-autobiographical novel America, the Beautiful. The story features protaganist 'America Throne', and was published by Touchstone. The release date coincided with the tragic events of September 11, so the book was overshadowed.

    • Moon has been a stand-up comedian, actress, author, and magazine writer.

    • Moon first appeared to the public in 1982, vocalizing on her father Frank's hit single, 'Valley Girl'. She was asked by her father to improvise and parody the way that the girls in San Fernando valley were speaking at that time. She delivered the phrases that were made popular for years: grody to the max!, gag me with a spoon, and fer sure.

    • Moon was given the middle name 'Unit' by her parents, because by being their first born, they now became a family unit.

    • Moon was born on September 28, 1967 in New York City to famous rock star Frank Zappa and artist Gail Sloatman. She is the eldest of four siblings. She had two brothers, Dweezil and Ahmet and a sister, Diva.

    • Moon spent her childhood in a log cabin once owned by silent cowboy film star, Tom Mix, it was later destroyed by a fire. There were caves behind their cabin, that played host to the Manson 'family' clan.

  • Quotes

    • Moon: I wasn't born lucky enough to be born with a body that responded well to acid-washed jeans and lycra. I had to rely on my last name to get past the bodyguards, to get me the backstage passes to the innermost chambers.

    • Moon: 'Valley Girl', the song I made with my father in 1982, made me feel like a sad zoo specimen. Going through puberty in front of the world on shows like Solid Gold, and Merv Griffin only added to my self conciousness.