Moose Fan Reviews (3)

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    Moose is a great dogi (my way to spell doggy) and defintely was undercredited. There were so many times that the crew of Frasier could trust Moose to follow through or do something that they had wanted him to do. Moose was a great choice. Then, after his sad death, his son carried on the tradition and played the part of Edi, the dog on Frasier. The cast was so lucky to work with him and should always remember him as more than just Moose on Frasier, but should remember him as a great dog in life and his son the same way! I love animals and both Moose and his son were GREAT!
  • Every one loved Eddie and they still do!

    Moose the actor who played Eddie had been in 194 episodes of Frasier. He even received more fan mail than any other cast member. He earned $10, 000 per episode. As you can see he was well loved by people; and probably dogs, too. When Eddie stared at Frasier you couldn’t help but laugh and when he ran out of the room as if he knew what they were talking about you can’t help but chuckle. He’s such a loved character is sad that he had to die. At least he lived a full life of sixteen years.
  • A very talented dog.

    Moose played Eddie on Frasier from seasons 1-8, Eddie was a great character, every scene he was in made me laugh, especially the running gag they had going between Eddie and Frasier when Eddie would just star at him, and Frasier's response to Eddie always cracked me up.

    Not only was he a TV star but he was also in a movie, proving that this little dog can do it all. It's a shame that he died, but at least he got to finish Frasier, and got to do something that a lot of dogs don't get to do... become an actor.