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  • Brilliant actress with stunningly gorgeous looks. It doesn't get any better than that!

    First off, the television series and movie were excellent and I enjoyed every scene and character interaction during its relatively short run. Having said that, I found myself hoping that Morena would be in every scene while I was watching. When she was in the scene, she stole every moment with her brilliant characterization, interaction with other characters, and last, but definitely not least, how stunningly gorgeous she is. I don't want my acknowledgement of her beauty to make anyone reading this think that this is the only reason I enjoyed her acting. I thought the way she played off the other actors was incredible and it always left me wanting more of her on-screen interactions. If you've watched the show you know exactly what I mean. She has everything going for her and I can't wait to see her in more roles in the future!
  • Blazing hot!

    This girl has got to be one of the most beautiful and hottest women I have ever seen. Shes so smooth in her acting of course her role on Firefly required this. I have heard that she was on Stargate as well but I only have only seen her on Firefly. She is a magnet draws you in. She plays a companion on Firefly and does a great job being a seducteress!!!!!
  • Ginger of the firefly transport Serenity.

    I enjoyed her in Firefly. She is good in Stargate. Although Stargate writing has slipped a notch but Morena's role is worth watching. I got to love her more and more in Firefly each episode. An actress of true caliber compared with Hedy Lamarr. Moreana Baccarin a true Ziegfeld Girl. She needs to be in a Bond movie along Gina Torres. Morena should be a love interest of James Bond agent 007. A beautiful young women who has a lot of grace which disarms you with the great acting she is performing. A classic style from the 1940's. When her name is on the marque I will definitly check it out.
  • A beautiful, talented, underrated actress

    I first noticed her in a deodorant commercial. Since I don't pay much heed to commercials, that in itself should be a testament to just how stunning she is. Then she got the role as Inara Serra on Firefly, and she truly got to shine. She was often the embodiment of grace and beauty in situations where there were little of either. She played a character that could have easily been a caricature (the whore with a heart of good), but instead she played her character with a strong moral center and let herself be guided by that center. I think that says a lot about her talents.

    It has bee good to see her in other roles lately: Chloe in How I Met Your Mother, Maya Griffin in the The O.C., and Adria in Stargate SG-1. I hope she get even more roles.

    I also read on the Internet that we missed out. I read that Morena was Joss Whedon's first choice for the lead in his upcoming Wonder Woman project, but the Studio wanted to go with a bigger, more established star. So I guess we missed out on that one.
  • Haven't seen much of her.

    Though I haven't seen much of her, excluding Firefly and Serenity, and will be very pleased to see her again.

    She carries herself with a great charisma and delivers lines with the same skill. I am surprised that we have not seen more of her through out her career. I am certaint hat we can expect great things from her though and I anxious to see them.
  • Beauty and grace personified

    I had the privilege of meeting Morena at the FanExpo in Toronto this year and she was both beautiful and gracious. Her personality is warm and friendly and she had such presence. I hope to meet her again soon and wish her nothing but the best. She has shown that she has great acting skills and can only see her gaining stronger roles in the future.
  • Beautiful personified

    I was devistated when I found out that Firefly was cancelled because it meant that this lovely lady would no longer be on the air. I find her acting excellent and her beauty a beacon of light. One of the greatest compliments I have ever gotten was that I kinda looked like her in a certain light. When I was told that my heart stopped, I swear.
  • One of the most beautiful women with talent ever!

    Sure she's queen of being cancelled within the first season but I swear, it's not her fault! A real person in everything she does and not some odd job that would travel the world on a whim and eat creme brulee with ever meal I feel as if every character she has been I might know in my life and I take comfort in that, it makes her watchable and hell, likable. Whether you are laughing at a dwarf or diapering your monkey, she brings stability to the scene and believability to the premise. She deserves kudos just for not giving up.
  • A raven haired goddess.

    Ms.Baccarin successfully gave the "Inara" character "presence" without it being overstated. She took what could have been a bit role and made it sparkle brilliantly. The combination of grace, charm and the most soulful brown eyes you've ever seen, has made her one of the most memorable young actresses on television.

    I expect great things from her in the future.
  • Hope playing a whore doesnt keep her from getting more jobs.

    She is very hot. A very brave actress to play a hooker. But her life would be compleate if she married me LOL. Just kidding of cource. She has alot of class and I look forward to seeing more work from her. Hope she is in many many many more Serenity movies!... Keep up the good work angel!