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  • Not only is he is one of the greatest actors I've ever seen but he also has the greatest voice that I've ever heard


    "Morgan Freeman" impresses me in so many ways. He is seriously one of the best actors in the decade. When he passes away, he will definitely never be forgotten and will be one of the greatest actors I've ever seen. He also has the greatest voice that I've ever heard. Whenever he talks, he just makes his lines and speeches in his movies so deep and inspiring. He could even become the President of the United States. That's how good this actor is. He is so talented with his acting skills and he is very funny. No one should even hate on his person at all. He is funny, inspiring, deep, and just so gosh dang talented. He always impresses me with his pure and clever acting skills. When he played as God in "Evan Almighty", he even made the message in that movie so deep. Such as when he said "One Act of Random Kindness at a Time". I love all of the Morgan Freeman movies because they make me laugh, cry, and just feel so inspired. Oh man, if my teacher assigned us on what celebrity I admire then I would definitely do it on "Morgan Freeman". I'm not kidding when I say that this actor is so good. He is just terrific in every movie he does whether it's action films like "Wanted", comedy movies like "Bruce Almighty", or drama films like "Invictus". I'm definitely looking forward to this new movie called "Dolphin Tale", with Morgan Freeman in that movie.... he is going to make it so inspiring. Overall, Morgan Freeman has the amazing voice I've ever heard and is absolutely one of the best actors that I've ever seen and he will always be a legend to me. 10/10

  • Very good actor.

    I have to say that Morgan Freeman is a very good actor. From seeing some of his movies, I must admit that he has some nice versatility. I've seen him play many roles, but the thing he is best at his being the old-timer in many movies. I guess my favorite Freeman movie is the one where he plays the role of a prisoner. He manages to play that role to a tee. Other than that, I know that he has done well in other movies. Overall, he is a good actor with a distinguished voice. Very entertaining and fun. Thank you.
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    One of the best actors of the last 40 years. "The Shawshank Redemption", "Batman Begins", and "Seven" are just a few of the movies he has starred in.
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    Morgan Freeman is a true actor. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "The Shawshank Redemption."
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    What can I say about Morgan Freeman? He is not boasting around his acting career, he practically in any movie not caring about how insignificant the role is and the result is brilliant movies all along. Most of his movies are in Top #250 in IMDB, and that is because Morgan Freeman is one awesome actor and one of the best there is.
  • One of the best out there.

    I have seen quite a couple of Morgan Freeman movies. First one I ever saw was Glory. His role was awesome in that movie. The next one I saw was Batman Begins. The role of Lucius Fox was one of the best roles he could have ever gotten. I can not wait for the sequel to Batman Begins.