Morgan Hodgen

Morgan Hodgen

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  • Morgan Hodgen is one of the greatest television actors of our time. His work is "golden globe worthy"- San Fransisco Tribune

    If you haven't seen Morgan Hodgen grace the screen you haven't lived! He is a fiery ball of energy, talent, and he smells really nice. I met Morgan at a signing when he was very young, even then he was the nicest boy I had ever met. I knew we would fall in love! And even as I sit here, on my childs school distributed lap top, writing this reveiw, tears come to my eyes everytime I mention his name. I even got my daughter hooked on him! I used my local kinkos just round the corner in South Bingham Alabama, to blow up a picture of Morgan that I took of him while he was on vacation with his family. I modge podged it to my daughters ceiling and now she has morgan to watch over her at nite! He is kind of like a god to me, and now to my daughter as well. I currently just finished errecting my largest shrine to Morgan entitled " La Dolche Vida Morgan". I read up on him that he was Italian so the title seemed appropriate. The shrine is him and his sword keeping out all the satan lovers. I'm currently saving up money to rent a car and uhaul van so I can present it to Morgan in person. Pray for me yall! Jesus loves you!moreless