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Morgan Webb

Morgan Webb


10/5/1978, Canada

Birth Name

Morgan Ailis Webb



Also Known As

Webbie, Morgan Reid, The Gaming Goddess, Morgan Von Webb
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Best known for being an on-air personality on the Tech TV network (later known as G4TechTV and G4), Morgan Webb has become an icon in the video gaming industry. She is one of the industry's most well known female reviewers and gamers, which makes her a role model…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On August 19, 2006, Morgan married Rob Reid, co-founder of Listen.com.

    • Morgan provided her own vocals for the X-Play episode "The X-Play Musical."

    • Morgan, along with her X-Play Co-Host Adam Sessler, was listed as one of "Gaming's Top 50 Journalists of 2006" according to the webzine Next Generation.

    • In August 2005, Webb became a Contributing Game Columnist for FHM (For Him Magazine). Her monthly column was titled "Tips From The Gaming Goddess" and answered a video game related question from readers. Her final article appeared in the Feburary 2007 issue since FHM ceased it's publication after that issue.

    • Magazine and Webzine Rank Awards
      FHM - #51 - "The 100 Sexiest Women In The World"

      Askmen.com - #83 - "Top 99 of 2006"
      RTD - #1 - "Hottest Woman of the Year: Top 10 Countdown"
      FHM - #62 - "The 100 Sexiest Women In The World"
      FHM - #62 -"100 Sexiest Women in America".

      FHM - #73 - "The 100 Sexiest Women In The World"

    • Morgan can be found on the DOOM movie's DVD release. She was interviewed for the documentary segment called "DOOM Nation".

    • In 2006, Morgan was the only G4 host appearing in non-show footage in the commericals for G4's daily "Mash Up" - 3 hours of video game related shows.

    • "Morgan's Minute" first appeared during G4's coverage of E3 2006. "Morgan's Minute" was a minutes worth of Morgan expressing her feelings about video game new and events.

    • Morgan openly admitted to taking some of her former roommate's clothes she uses now on X-Play.

    • Television Appearances for shows not listed at TV.com

      E3 07 Live - Host
      Free Stuff - Host

      E3 06 Live - Host
      G-Phoria 06 - Host/Anchor

      G-Phoria - Evil Host
      Race to G-Phoria - Herself
      Countdown to Xbox 360 - Host
      E3 05 Live - Host
      Toyko Game Show - Host

    • After the fourth season of Cheat!, G4 began showing quick one minute Cheat! segments during commercials. Morgan hosted a few of these, while the others were hosted by regular Cheat! Host Kristin Holt. These quick cheats were also podcasts found on the G4 website.

    • Morgan Webb began Co-hosting X-play with Adam Sessler on April 29, 2003.

    • She was listed as #1 on the Yahoo search list when someone hacked into a Madonna website and posted "will u marry me Morgan Webb"

    • Morgan was the final person from the on-air talent from TechTV to make it to the end of the G4 network (2013).On April 25 2012, Morgan became the only TechTV on-air talent alumni remaining as a regular on-air personality on the G4 network due in part to her X-Play Co-host Adam Sessler leaving G4. Previously, they shared this distinction on April 7, 2006, when Attack of the Show (formerly TechTV's The Screen Savers) Co-hosts Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran announced their engagement and subsequent leaving from AotS on the April 6th episode Candice Michelle, Simon Hallam (6050).

    • Morgan's final apperance on The Screen Savers came in April 2003. She left the show to become a Co-Host on X-Play.

    • After revealing on X-Play that she enjoyed Smarties, people started sending her bags of the candy.

    • As a child, Morgan's parents did not allow her to watch television. She made up for lost time by playing video games.

    • Morgan began her career on television when she joined TechTV in 2001. She was asked to join up by her friend Cat Schwartz.

    • She loves Anime. Her favorite shows are Bubblegum Crisis and Ranma 1/2.

    • Despite popular belief, Morgan does not own the puppy that regularly appeared on her show X-Play. It belonged to a crew member.

    • Morgan's favorite songs to sing for karaoke are "Jolene" by Dolly Parton and "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett.

    • Fans of Morgan are affectionately known as "Webbheads"

    • Morgan loves cats, even though she has an allergy to them.

    • Morgan began her hair color changes in Junior High by using unsweetened Kool-Aid as hair dye.

    • Morgan's favorite sports teams are the Oakland Raiders and the Cal-Berkeley Golden Bears.

    • Height: 5'7"

    • Has an older brother named Evan.

    • Was the winner for Playboy.com's "TechTV's Sexiest Geek" poll. Although the winner was to be invited to pose nude for the magazine, Webb declined.

    • Morgan appeared in the music video of "Strange New Element" by the band Low Water. She appeared with fellow TechTV personalities Cat Schwartz, Sarah Lane, Laura Swisher, Chi-Lan Lieu and Sumi Das.

    • Was one of five TechTV female personalities to participate in Playboy.com's "Geek Love - The Ladies of TechTV" poll. The others were Melanie Kim, Sarah Lane, Cat Schwartz, and Laura Swisher.

    • Graduated high school at North Hollywood High School Highly Gifted Magnet.

    • Morgan once waited in line outside of a Best Buy so she could be one of the first people to own the special edition of Unreal Tournament 2004.

    • She uses Linux as her computer's main operating system.

    • Morgan owns a pet tarantula who goes by three different names: Cruella, Tranny and Zoe Zaphod Webb.

    • Known for frequently changing her hair color, Morgan's natural hair color is light brown.

    • She holds both American and Canadian citizenships.

    • Was one of only six TechTV personalities to survive the massive layoffs that occured during the merger of G4 and TechTV. The others include Sarah Lane, Chi-Lan Lieu, Brendan Moran, Kevin Rose and Adam Sessler.

    • Morgan receives numerous e-mails a day from guys asking her to marry them and each time she has said no.

  • Quotes

  • One of the best TV hosts out there, and hot too.

    Morgan Webb is a tv host on G4tv's Extended Play/X-Play. She is a co-host with Adam Sessler. She is known for strong burns on insanely bad games, and sometimes good. She's even hilarious on her comedy sketches on X-Play. (Especially the one with the monkey on the X-Play set)She even made guest apperances on mini cheat sections during commercial breaks, and she and Adam Sessler, even talk with Kevin Periera and Olivia Munn on the monday videogame talk on Attack of the Show. I even remember an old sketch of her and Tina Wood having a rivalry against each other. Overall, Morgan Webb is a really hilarious host, and shes really gorgeous.moreless
  • She used to be cool, but in recent times she has turned lame.

    I was once a fan of Morgan Webb. She seemed charming, talented, and gorgeous. She was one of the reasons why I'd watched the show 'X-Play' regularly up until a year and a half ago. But ever since she got married to some middle-aged executive guy who runs the Rhapsody website (named Rob Reid), all her appeal has gone straight out the window. She no longer has any regard for her fans or show any feeling onscreen (i.e. she now comes on like a soulless shell of her former self).

    If I did this review some 2-3 years ago, she probably would have scored a 9.0+. As she is now, I ought to give her a 1. But since she used to be cool way back when, I decided to give her a 2.2.moreless