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  • Mos Def rapper and actor.

    This guy is one incredible actor. I'm not into rap, but I've seen five of his films. He is so cut out for acting. He really captures his roles & brings that personal touch, simply captivating. I was surprised that he was already in the music business. I wish him the best, knowing Hollywood does not reach outside of a certain genre. I try to catch his films whenever I see his name in the title. "Something the Lord Made," is a must see! This was the third of his films I saw. He played the role of a doctor learning and perfecting his trade. He was really believable in this role.
  • He Kicks Ass

    Mos Def ... well I have to say he's a suprisingly good actor,you can watch him in movies like 16 blocks,showtime or the italian job. And oh,not to forget about his performances in the famous Chappelle's show. I first knew him as a trip hop singer,and a hip hop producer and rapper (I think as a rapper is recognized mostly) and I enjoy his music as his acting *that means a lot. Another thing for what I like him, is that he's a very religious man,I think he's a muslim,and he takes his religion very seriously and with respect. Mos Def is a highly talented man in this both parts of the showbusiness,and he's improving step by step. Anyway,I can't wait for his next appearings and albums. Only respect for him.
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    Mos Def is one of the top ten most underrated actors in film today. A quick examination of his filmography will point out a few things--the breadth of the roles he has chosen is great and he can pull off each one of these roles with ease. Not only is he a talented actor, but the man is also a great musician.
  • Man Mos Def is def underrated!

    Mos Def is def. under rated! He could ryhme better then 99% of the main stream rappers we see today! This man has one talent that i love about. He stays true to everything around him, he does not try to be a playa or a pimp he just ryhmes about the world and it problems. Finally some of the real rap is still on this earth. I would hate to think that Mos Def would go main stream he is perfect in the underground world. He could come up with mad beats and flows that just make you sit down and relax!