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Mr. Six

Mr. Six

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  • Mr. Six is the epitamy of good advertising. He sells a product without one word. He is Autonomous. He Instills that childhood sprit in anyone he comes in contact with. It Appears however,Six Flags in spite of it\\\'s %8 quartwely profit increase is set tomoreless

    Mr. Six is the epitamy of good advertising,He sells his product without a word. He remains Autonomous while encouraging everone to visit his favorite place.He instills that childhood sprit in everyone he comes in contact with adds and personal appearances. His demeanor is above reproach both within his adds and in his personal very private life.However in spite of these accomplishments and the fact the profits are up over %8 this second quarter of 2005,Six Flags appears set to dump him. Even their potential new CEO,has said publically he\\\'ll change the add and the person representing Six Flags.The world loves Mr. Six or hates him. Why not utilize this advantagous success and expand it in a positive way.Currently,the people know him as more or less of a cartoon like character,who expounds ideas they yearn to enjoy.So why not keep the current adds and add talkies,it worked in motion pictures.After all he\\\'s so unknown no one will recognize him off the set. Well cheers everyone,and god bless the kids. Pat Cain Fan Extrordinirmoreless