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Murray Keane

Murray Keane


New Zealand

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Murray Keane


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Murray is a graduate of Toi Whakaari, NZ Drama School, and graduated from Canterbury University majoring in Classical English and Drama. He is also a television and film director.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jack Yan said of Murray's new series Ride With The Devil, "Keane promises verisimilitude, and that the stories have been taken from real life."

    • Murray has appeared in a number of short films, including I'm In Here (1992), Ends Meat (1992), Armature of Bone (1983), and Waterfront (1982).

    • In 2005, Murray was one of the actors chosen to participate in the 24-Hour Deadline Theatre, which randomly teams up a writer, director, three actors and a mystery prop, who then have twenty-four hours to create a play for performance, in competition with nine other groups of thespians.

    • While filming the Peter Jackson zombie movie Braindead, Murray's head went missing- the prosthetic decapitated head that was modeled on him, that is. It was left outside to dry off after a shoot, and someone walked off with it. The production crew quickly called local radio stations in Wellington asking that the prop, which cost some $2000 to make, but more importantly, took too much time to make to simply replace it, to be returned. A woman found it in her son's room, and got it back to them quickly.

    • Murray has made several appearances at Xena conventions. He only appeared in one episode, "A Day in the Life", but his character Hower is a real fan favorite.

    • Murray has relied on lead actor Andy Wong for a great deal of assistance for his new series Ride With the Devil, which is about Asian teens in New Zealand. Murray doesn't speak Mandarin, so he couldn't write the dialogue for several scenes. Instead he asked Andy to translate for him. He also asked Andy to take a video camera with him when the actor visited home in Hong Kong, and used the footage for some flashback scenes.

    • Murray's interests include body building, chess, pool, sailing, swimming, surfing, and windsurfing.

    • In 2001, Murray was nominated for "Best Short Film" and "Best Script for a Short Film" at the New Zealand Film Awards for his movie Falling Sparrows.

    • Murray is married to writer/playwright Fiona Samuel.

    • In 2006, Murray was nominated for "Best Director (drama)" for Interrogation at the Qantas Television Awards.

    • Murray shot the pilot "Burnout" for his show Ride With the Devil in 2002, but while it was well received by the critics, another show was given the greenlight instead. But in 2007 Murray resubmitted the series with a few changes, and it was given a greenlight for production.

    • Murray has had a number of jobs aside from acting, including six months driving a forty ton truck.

    • (2005) Urbis 24 Hour Theatre "Actor" The Herald Theatre, Dir Jane Wolfson
      (1994) Legless "Don Harvey" Centrepoint Theatre, Dir Ross Gumbley
      (1994) Someone Who'll Watch Over Me "Edward Sheridan" Centrepoint Theatre, Dir Alison Quigan
      (1993) Lovelock's Dream Run "Spike" Centrepoint Theatre, Dir Allison Quigan
      (1993) Corporetta "Flapper", Dir Danny Mulheron
      (1993) Sex Fiend "Barry", Dir Duncan Smith
      (1992) A Dangerous Game "Hangman", Dir Danny Mulheron
      (1992) Sexual Perversity in Chicago "Frank", Dir Tommy Honey
      (1990) Oracles and Miracles National Tour, Dir Cathie Downes
      (1989) Ladies Night "Graham" National Tour, Dir Susan Wilson
      (1985) The Sea "Billy Hollarcut", Dir George Webby
      (1985) The Seagull "Treplev" NZ Drama School, Dir George Webby
      (1984) No Orchids for Miss Blandish NZ Drama School, Dir Stuart Devenie

    • Murray enjoys painting, and he showed an exhibition of his works in a Christchurch gallery in 1983.

    • Murray is 5'1", with light brown hair and blues eyes.

    • Murray is represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Actors. He is also listed with Bigmouth Voices as a voice artist.

  • Quotes

    • Murray: (when asked about the sex, swearing and fighting in his show "Ride With the Devil") Kiwis swear a lot. They mispronounce words, they're sarcastic. They love their cars and their beer. So we haven't tried to TV-ise things. What we've tried to do is give an accurate representation of an Asian new immigrant experiencing the real New Zealand, good and bad.

    • Murray: (on his show "Ride With the Devil") We weren't trying to be culturally sensitive, we were trying to be culturally representative.

    • Murray: (on auditioning for his show "Ride With the Devil") They were probably the funniest, funniest auditions I've ever done. I was such a softie. People would do their auditions and even though they were terrible, I couldn't tell them to go away. So I'd get them to do it again.

    • Murray: (on his new series "Ride With the Devil") We wanted to make this show as relevant as possible to a New Zealand audience, with realistic characters and storylines, not just a TV version of them. We cast the cars and all of the extras from real Auckland car clubs and what you see on the screen, besides the actors, is footage of real people and events. This is what our youth do on a Friday night.

    • Murray: (on acting, rather than directing) Seriously, it was great to get back on stage, to see what the world of the actor is like and not to have to take responsibility for the final product. It was a big adrenaline rush trying to remember lines and not bump into the furniture.

    • Murray: (on his new series "Ride With the Devil") I used to come up from Helensville on Friday nights in a MK III Zephyr. It's the same thing now, just with different cars and different people. I just thought, 'This looks fantastic. If I could just bring a camera down here and start shooting what's going on in Queen St, we could do something really interesting'.

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