Musa Cooper

Musa Cooper


2/26/1978, Camden, New Jersey

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Musa A. Cooper


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Musa Cooper was born in Camden, New Jersey, and began dancing when he was 19 years old, dancing in hip hop and break dance styles. He worked at various jobs, but had no formal dance training at all. Despite this, he was chosen to be a contestant in…more


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    • Musa auditioned for season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance, but didn't make it onto the show. He took some more hip hop and jazz classes in preparation for the second season auditions, and was chosen for the top 20.

    • For Musa, the most difficult things about being on So You Think You Can Dance were learning the quickstep dance routine, and not getting on his partner's nerves. Musa felt that he was annoying his partner because he wanted to practice all the time, when she needed time to relax.

    • Musa's big break in dancing came when he auditioned for and got a role dancing with Beyonce for the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

    • Musa is married; his wife's name is Teesha.

    • Musa has been a window cleaner since 1997; he has also worked as a fitness model and done some acting.

    • Musa's nickname is "Moose".

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  • Musa was a joy to watch each week.

    Musa was a contestant in the top 20 on the second season of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance and this review is based on his appearance there.

    Musa has had no formal dance training; by that I mean he hasn't taken ballet or ballroom training. He began street dancing and dancing in clubs, and was given his big break when he tried out for a dance part with Beyonce in the 2003 MTV Music Awards.

    He made it into the Top 20 on SYTYCD, and with no formal training, managed to last against those who ~did~ have formal training. It must have been difficult for him, but he perservered and made it through. To me, that means more than seeing someone who's had tons of training do what they always do. It was more exciting to see Musa dance a ballroom number, because everyone knew that this was something completely new for him. He may not have been perfect, but he was really good, and that alone can give hope to people that just the 'average guy' can succeed!moreless